VacMaster Polycarbonate Water Container

What do you do when you are looking to feed a crowd? You create delicious meals with sous vide cooking of course. Using pots for larger sous vide cooking projects can be difficult. So many sous viders prefer to use larger containers. Using a larger container as your water bath allows you to cook a greater quantity of food. You can place a sous vide rack inside this container so your food pouches stay apart.

This VacMaster water container holds 19 liters of water and is a great option for your sous vide water bath. The VacMaster SV 1 Immersion Circulator clips onto the side of this container perfectly.

To learn more about the many benefits of using a water container rather than a pot for your sous vide cooking, click here.



VacMaster Polycarbonate Water Container Details and Specifications:

  • You can simply clip your immersion circulator to side of this container to create a water bath for your sous vide cooking
  • Has a 19 liter water capacity
  • Made with polycarbonate
  • Is dishwasher safe so clean up is a breeze 
  • Perfect for use with the VacMaster SV1 Immersion Circulator
  • Measurements: 18 inches x 12 inches x 9 inches

There is no specific lid to go with this VacMaster container. So you could consider using sous vide water balls as your water insulator. Sous Vide water balls assist in minimizing water evaporation from your sous vide water bath.

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