Wyzerpro Sous Vide Container

This container can be used as a water bath for your sous vide cook with or without a lid. Of course to keep water from evaporating you will need some cover whether that be using plastic wraps, foil, or sous vide water balls. Wyzerpro do also offer a lid for this container.

It offers a 12 quart capacity which is ideal for larger sous vide cooks.

The great news – you’re covered by our 100% money back heatproof guarantee.

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This Wyzerpro sous vide container is a relatively new player in the sous vide container market. It is not as well known as the containers offered by Rubbermaid and LIPAVI. However sous vide cooks seem to be enjoying it so we have included it as a low cost container alternative.

We draw your attention to the fact that this container is not BPA free. There are small trace amounts of BPA in this product. The company states that “due to the Sous Vide practice of vacuum sealing food during cooking, no BPA can actually make it into the food”. The container is NSF Ceritified (National Sanitation Foundation).

The Wyzerpro sous vide container has sturdy sides ready for mounting Anova, Nomiku, Sansaire, Polyscience & most clip-on sous vide cookers. The company confirms that the Joule clip is able to be attached to the side of this container.

Wyzerpro sous vide container specifications:

  • Generous 12-quart capacity 
  • Dishwasher safe 
  • Shatter-resistant 
  • Made with polycarbonate material that withstands up to 210°F
  • Comes with a heatproof guarantee