LIPAVI Sous Vide Container lid (various sizes)


The LIPAVI sous vide container lid is

  • tailored for the Anova Precision immersion circulator and will also fit Primo Eats Pod, Chefelix, G&M, CookTeck, Flexzion & Gramercy
  • made with clear & transparent polycarbonate for easy viewing of your sous vide cook
  • strong for easy handling
  • great for preventing evaporation from sous vide cooks which conserves energy and requires few (if any) water top ups throughout your sous vide cook
  • dishwasher safe and has a high temperature tolerance of -40 to 210 F

To set up a plastic container as a water bath, lid and stainless steel rack combination, the LIPAVI lid can be paired with:

LIPAVI stainless steel rack for separating food (pick corresponding rack code eg C10 lid will fit C10 rack)

LIPAVI plastic container (pick corresponding plastic container code eg C10 container will fit C10 lid)

To learn more about how plastic containers and lids such as the LIPAVI are great for your sous vide cooking, click here.