New to sous vide cooking? New to Sous Vide Hub? Welcome. If you don’t already, you are going to love sous vide cooking. It is a healthy, low stress, low fuss, hands-off way of making delicious, succulent food. It’s as simple to cook for a large dinner party load of guests as it is for cooking for one or two.  Sous vide cooking is a meal preparation game changer. It’s super easy, deliciously tasty and lots of fun.

If you are new to sous vide cooking, this is the best place to start. We cover all things sous vide here at Sous Vide Hub.

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What is sous vide cooking?

Sous vide is French for “under vacuum” and is a method of cooking food which has been vacuum-sealed in a plastic bag or pouch and then placed in a regulated, low temperature controlled water bath or steam environment.

Sous Vide is a healthy, low stress, low fuss, hands-off way of making delicious, succulent food.

The low temperature of the water cooks the food slowly and more evenly than conventional cooking methods, such as roasting. It makes for succulent and tender meats that can then be quickly browned by searing or grilling to achieve the generally desired exterior crust. Sous vide cooking is also great for cooking vegetables, desserts, eggs and much more.

To learn more about sous vide cooking head to our FAQ where you will find answers to the many common questions about sous vide cooking.

What you will get from Sous Vide Hub:

Sous Vide Hub is all about providing you with the information, tools, hints and tips you need to enjoy sous vide cooking. You will learn why sous vide cooking is so good for you and how to cook food with the sous vide technique. We provide you with the resources you need to make sous vide cooking a breeze. That includes sous vide recipes, popular websites, books, apps and sous vide focused Youtube channels.

Sous vide cooking is a game changer. Millions of home cooks and commercial chefs have changed the way they cook, eat and entertain by following simple and effective sous vide techniques. And they could not be happier. Spend less time in the kitchen, produce restaurant quality meals and even prepare your weeks’ meals ahead of time. Hosting a dinner party is just as easy as cooking for one or two.

We love showcasing all things sous vide here at Sous Vide Hub. And more than that, we love connecting with new people and seeing them fall in love with sous vide cooking. Jump on board with sous vide cooking. You will never look back.

What we cover:

Recipes – Browse our curated recipe collection. We have something for everyone including those just starting out with sous vide cooking. There are more challenging, shall we say, aspirational recipes as well. These are great for those who are more experienced sous vide home cooks or cafe and restaurant chefs.

Common Sous Vide Problems solved – There are a few common sous vide problems that most sous vide home cooks and chefs face at some stage when they are sous vide cooking. We outline the solution for those problems in simple, easy to understand language.

Sous vide machines and accessories – water baths, immersion circulators/precision cookers, vacuum and zip lock bags, racks, containers and lids plus more.

Sous vide product reviews – we pull together the pros and cons of a range of sous vide products so you don’t have to.

Resources – links to sous vide websites, apps, Youtube channels, our favorite sous vide products and more.

How to Guides – sous vide cooking does not need to be intimidating. We’ve created some very simple, straight forward lists and diagrams to explain the important aspects of sous vide cooking.

Blog posts:

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The sous vide cooking community is quite honestly amazing. We love hearing about and sharing the sous vide cooking successes (and the very few tribulations!) of those who toil away in home, cafe and restaurant kitchens around the globe.

There is so much to be gained and learnt from sharing experiences. On our Resources page you will find links to connect with like-minded sous vide loving people. This community of people love sharing their thoughts, ideas, hints and tips. There are links to the most popular sous vide chat forums, sous vide apps that contain a vast array of recipes and sous vide specific YouTube channels as well. We encourage you to browse those links and resources so you can find just the right way for you to connect with others in the sous vide cooking community.

Sous vide product recommendations:

You do not need to spend a fortune on kitchen tools and equipment to get into sous vide cooking. The key equipment we recommend is either an immersion circulator or an all in one water oven, some vacuum sealer or zip lock bags and a sense of adventure! All other sous vide products are “nice to have” but not necessary especially if you are looking to get into sous vide cooking on a tight budget. In this section you will find our recommendations and favorite sous vide products. These specific products have been used time and time again with huge success by sous vide home cooks as well as cafe and restaurant chefs around the world.

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As we mentioned above, our Resources page is also very popular and worth a read. It is jam packed with all things sous vide.

Creating healthy and delicious sous vide meals is a breeze. Every week we’ll send you sous vide recipes, hints and tips, product news and first access to member exclusive discounts and giveaways.

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