We’ve compiled some useful sous vide cooking resources for you. You may also be interested in the Sous Vide Hub FAQ. Don’t forget to check out our Deals page.

Sous Vide Hub product recommendations

Sous vide water ovens

SousVide Supreme Water Oven

SousVide Supreme Demi Water Oven

Sous vide immersion circulators – also known as precision cookers

Joule Sous Vide by ChefSteps

Anova Culinary Precision Cooker 

Gourmia Sous Vide Immersion Circulator

Kitchen Gizmo Sous Vide Immersion Circulator

Sous vide water balls – used for insulation and reduced water evaporation during your sous vide cook

Wancle sous vide cooking water balls

SM@RTY sous vide cooking water balls

Wasserstein sous vide cooking water balls

Sous vide containers – great for when you want to cook large quantities of food

Some home cooks use their own pots when using an immersion circulator. Others prefer larger plastic containers.

LIPAVI sous vide container (12 Quart)

EVERIE Sous vide container (12 Quart) with collapsible hinge lid (For Anova)

Cambro Camwear polycarbonate square container (12 Quart)

Rubbermaid space saving container (various sizes)

Sous vide container lids – for insulation and reduced water evaporation during your sous vide cook

EVERIE sous vide container collapsible hinged lid

LIPAVI sous vide container lid (12 Quart) (cut out for Anova)

Cellar Made easy open lid (various sizes) (for Anova) (fit Rubbermaid containers)

Sous vide food pouches (food bags)

FoodSaver Liquid Block Bags – these bags have a liquid block strip which traps moisture

Vacuum sealing – Food Saver (to be used with vacuum sealer system)

Ziplock – Forsous bag kit

Reuseable – Stasher resuable silicone bags

Clips and accessories packs

SM@RTY water balls & clips

Stainless steel racks – used to separate food pouches and hold them under water during your sous vide cook

LIPAVI stainless steel sous vide rack (various sizes)

IKEA Variera pot lid organizer

Vacuum sealing machines – perfect for creating vacuum sealed food pouches required for your sous vide cook

FoodSaver 2-in-1 vacuum sealing system with starter kit

NutriChef vacuum sealer

Crenova vacuum sealing machine

Kitchen torches – ideal for searing your meats and caramelizing desserts after your sous vide cook

Bernzomatic TS8000 – High Intensity Trigger Start Torch

Searzall Torch Attachment

Top sous vide product companies
We’ve compiled a specific blog post on this topic, check it out here.
Feel free to head to our recipes page for some spectacular sous vide inspiration by clicking here

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Common sous vide problems solved

Not sure how to stop your food pouches floating? How can you tell if your water bath is actually the temperature that is displayed on your immersion circulator or your sous vide water bath? For the answers to these and other common sous vide cooking questions, click here

Online sous vide forums & communities

So you want to learn more about sous vide cooking. At Sous Vide Hub our aim is simple. To bring to you all the sous vide resources we can to maximise your enjoyment of sous vide cooking. Sous Vide online forums are a great way to learn more about sous vide cooking.

What’s an online sous vide forum?

An online forum is really just an online chat room where people talk in detail about a topic. In this instance, it is sous vide cooking. Right now sous vide cooks (home and professional) are sharing their hints and tips, cooking successes and failures, questions and queries with other sous vide lovers all over the world.

Online forums are great for exchanging ideas and expertise with other people who are passionate about sous vide cooking. Here is a list of 9 online active sous vide forums to help you learn, grow and contribute to the sous vide community:

Sous Vide Hub online forum recommendations

Anova Food Nerd forum

Anova manufacturers one of the most popular immersion circulators on the market. They make the Anova Culinary Sous Vide Immersion Circulator (which comes in both Bluetooth and WiFi options). Their “food nerd” forum is a great place to connect with other sous vide enthusiasts to ask questions, answers questions and drool over Instagram worthy sous vide food pics.

Amazing Food Made Easy

This forum focuses on “modernist cooking and molecular gastronomy communities”. The cooking forum has 3 different areas: Modernist Recipes, Modernist Techniques, and Modernist Equipment and Ingredients. There is a decent amount of sous vide focused chat here so it’s worth checking out.


The Cheftalk forum has a range of categories and some decent content about sous vide cooking. You will see that many chefs actually respond to questions/conversation threads as well which is a bonus. The sous vide content here is a little dated but is still very relevant to sous vide cooking today.


This company manufacturers the Joule immersion circulator so any sous vide questions in the forum tend to relate to that product. But you can still draw lots of value from this forum in a general sense if you have a different sous vide machine.

Google +

For those of you not familiar with Google+, it is an internet based social network that is owned and operated by Google. It’s a place to “discover amazing things and connect with passionate people”. The great news is that the forum is growing in popularity in the sous vide space. There are a range of sous vide communities to join, and people, pages and collections to “follow”. You can simply head to Google+, type in “sous vide” and you will see a range of communities to opt in to.

Ketogenic Forums

As the name suggests this forum is a place where “ALL are welcome to explore the science and share personal experiments, recipes, successes, failures, goals, dreams, humor, and anything else related to the use of a well-formulated ketogenic diet; including fasting.” They have a decent number of sous vide threads if ketogenic diets AND sous vide cooking floats your boat.


The KitchenKnife forums cover an array of cooking topics. Whilst the conversation threads are not divided into categories, you can sort with the term “sous vide” and scan the specific questions or conversation threads easily.

Reddits Sous Vide Community

This forum currently has over 43,000 subscribers! Whatever your query, this is definitely a go to forum for sous vide cooking.


This forum covers “smokers, smoking ribs, brisket, chicken, sausage, and more”. Whilst not specifically focused on sous vide cooking there are a decent amount of sous vide conversation threads here for sous vide fans.

Get involved

Most people “shop around” a little before they join a community. Have a browse at the forums above to see what tickles your fancy. Online forums are such a great way to connect with other sous vide cooking enthusiasts.

In most cases you will need to register or create an account to become a member and contribute to the online forum. This is often super easy to do and it is free. Once you are signed up you can ask questions, answer questions and generally get involved in chats about all things sous vide with others who are passionate about it.

The list of sous vide forums is not definitive. There are plenty of other sous vide online forums available. If you know of one we haven’t listed here that provides great value, please leave a message in the comments section below so we can add it to our list.

11 of the best sous vide apps

Home sous vide cooking has become wildly successful in recent times. Once only used in restaurants, sous vide water ovens and immersion circulators now sit proudly on the counter tops of home cooks and commercial kitchens around the world. The key benefit of sous vide cooking is that you can produce restaurant quality meals every single time you cook. Who doesn’t want that in the comfort of their own home? To learn more about sous vide cooking head to our FAQ page.

Many sous vide water ovens and immersion circulators now come with a handy app. An app is short for application. It is a software program that is used on a smart phone or mobile device.

Sous Vide Hub sous vide app recommendations

Here we share with you some of the most popular sous vide apps. They may well add a huge amount of value to your next sous vide cook.

Joule: Sous Vide by ChefSteps

Joule app icon

ChefSteps offers one sous vide product which is named Joule. The Joule is a sous vide immersion circulator. We have reviewed the Joule immersion circulator here at Sous Vide Hub. Check out our review by clicking here.

ChefSteps has developed an app which is used to control the Joule immersion circulator. Just in case you are wondering, not all sous vide machines are controlled by apps so if you are prone to freak out a little with new technology, don’t despair. There are many sous vide machines that are not operated only from a companion app.

We don’t need to own a Joule to get value out of this app from ChefSteps.  It has a range of other features including a great recipe library and custom cooking video tutorials. This is one of the most reviewed apps in the sous vide market and the majority of those reviews are very positive.

Check the app out here:


This app is available on the App store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android users.


SousVidePro app icon

Sous Vide Pro is a multi-lingual (German, English, French and Italian) sous vide app for working safely and simply with sous vide cooking/water baths and sous vide thermal/immersion circulators. Whether you are cooking meat, poultry, fish or vegetables, a few clicks on this app will help you find the required cooking temperature and time for almost every type of food. Convenient huh? The concept is definitely a good one but to be honest, the reviews are not that glowing at this point.

In saying that, what we really like about this app is that the cooking temperatures and times have been calculated in countless trials by top chefs. They are constantly being further updated and expanded. Given both accuracy of temperature and cook timing are very important parts of a successful sous vide cook, this comes in really handy.

This app is available on the App store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android users.

Anova Culinary (Free)

Anova Culinary app icon

Anova Culinary offers one sous vide product which is the Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker Immersion Circulator. We have reviewed the Anova Culinary immersion circulator here at Sous Vide Hub. Check it out by clicking here

This app is THE most popular sous vide app on the market at the time of writing this article. It offers over 1000 recipes and caters to beginners and advanced sous vide cooks. It even has simple directions to walk you through each recipe.

You can check it out right here:


This app is available on the App store for iOS devices and on Google Play for Android users.

Tender: Sous Vide Recipes

Tender app icon

This app has been developed by Nomiku. Nomiku has one sous vide product on the market which is the Nomiku WiFi Sous Vide Immersion Circulator 1100 watts. With this app, you can create and share sous vide recipes with the sous vide community. You can also follow chefs to see what they are cooking. Nomiku states that the “format is templated so recipes are easy to create, easy to follow, and easy to understand.”

The app also allows you to control your WiFi Nomiku immersion circulator remotely but the reviewer community is small and the reviews are not too flash at the time of writing this. Reviewers mainly site that connection to their WiFi Nomiku can be problematic.

Maybe just using some of the recipes from the user community on the Tender:Sous Vide Recipes app might be the way to go at this point. Tender connects to social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest so you can create and share recipes with your friends and family easily.

This app is available on the App store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android users.

Gourmia Sous Vide (Free)

Gourmia app icon

Gourmia offers a range of kitchen appliances. Sous vide products are part of this range. Gourmia offer the Gourmia GSV138 Immersion Circulator, the Gourmia GSV130 Immersion Circulator, the Gourmia GSV150 Immersion Circulator and the Gourmia GSV900 Sous Vide Water Oven.

This Gourmia app does not focus exclusively on sous vide cooking. As a result this app offers less sous vide specific information, recipes, guides and hints and tips than other sous vide apps on the market.  We have noticed that there are some fairly scathing reviews for the Gourmia app at the time of writing. However, it does look as though you may experience smoother sailing if you update your phone software.

Here’s a link to learn more about the Gourmia app.

The Gourmia app is available on the App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android users.

Sansaire (Free)

Sansaire app icon

Sansaire offers one sous vide product which is the Sansaire Sous Vide Immersion Circulator (1100 watts). We have reviewed the Sansaire immersion circulator here at Sous Vide Hub. Check it out by clicking here. Unfortunately Sansaire will be closing their doors in the next 12 months or so. However the app can still provide value to those who already have a Sansaire Immersion Circulator.

The Sansaire app provides sous vide times and temperatures for “perfect doneness”. The app contains a range of recipes from fast and simple options to more difficult recipes for those who are up for a new sous vide challenge.

Again the reviews community is very small at this stage so we can’t provide a huge amount of feedback on this app. There are not too many recent reviews either which makes us think it is not a popular app among the sous vide community.

Click here to learn more about the Sansaire app.

The Sansaire app is available on the App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android users.

Mellow (Free)

Mellow app icon

Mellow is a reasonably new player in the sous vide product market, Mellow offers one sous vide machine which looks uber cool and modern. Given Mellow has only recently entered the market their app reviews are understandably limited at the time of writing. What we can say is that those who have reviewed the app are reasonably happy with it’s performance. There are some glitches but we are sure Mellow will work out any kinks in the coming months.

At this stage the Mellow app is used to pair with your sous vide machine. So that means you can control your cook via the app. Mellow does not showcase any recipes on their app as yet.

You can learn more about the Mellow app by clicking here.

The Mellow app is available on the App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android users.

Great British Chefs app (Free)

Great British Chefs app icon

This app brings to you 12 chef’s 3 full menus with 5 courses each. It contains 180 recipes (they are not all sous vide recipes). The recipes come with photographs, ingredient lists, cooking times, equipment, wine recommendations and method steps. Brilliant!

This app is available for iPad, iPhone, Windows and Windows Phone.

Great Italian Chefs app (Free)

Great British Chefs app icon

This app brings to you 26 chef’s recipes that “represent the regional diversity of Italian cuisine”. There are over 100 recipes (they are not all sous vide recipes) featured and these include photographs, clear ingredient lists, steps and great tips from their chefs. The images on this app will have you wishing you could grab the food right out of your smart phone. The food imagery is VERY inspiring.

As with the Great British Chefs app, this app is available for iPad, iPhone, Windows and Windows Phone.

Meat Cut apps

In addition to the specialised sous vide hub apps above, there are also some very helpful apps around which help you better understand various cuts of meat. In sous vide cooking, you can turn any meat cut into a restaurant quality meal. So you can use low quality cuts of meat and still be a hero in your own kitchen, on a budget. Here are two apps that are getting positive reviews:

Meat Cuts (Free)

Meat Cuts app icon

This app is designed to give you information about beef, lamb, veal and goat cuts. It tells you where individual cuts come from, their characteristics and suggested cooking methods. The Meat Cuts app even matches recipes to cuts of meat AND offers alternative cuts to the one you are looking for.

We must mention however that there are no sous vide recipes here which will disappoint sous viders. The other reviewer community gripe is that Meat Cuts does not cover pork. Still, we think that this app can provide considerable value to your cooking if you need a little help better understanding the different cuts of meat available.

The Meat Cuts app is available on the App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android users.

Nose to Tail: Cuts of Meat (for learning more about cuts of meat)

Nose to Tail meat app icon

This app allows you to explore a number of animals using their butcher’s diagram or an X-ray feature to find more interesting cuts of meat. The app has different categories and sous vide cooks in particular will love their slow cook section.

Information about beef comes free with the app and contains over 80 unique beef cuts. An additional in-app purchase unlocks chicken cuts, pig cuts and lamb cuts adding over 120 additional meat cuts.

The majority of reviewers give this app 5 stars. The glitches look to be that the app freaks out a little when users move to make an in-app purchase via Facebook to “upgrade” and get other meat products. However that you don’t have to use Facebook to make an in-app purchase.

Given a lot of sous vide recipes include beef, many sous vide cooks will find great value in this app in it’s free form.

The Nose to Tail: Cuts of Meat app is available on the App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android users.

Well we hope our round up of apps is helpful for you. Here’s a range of further resources that might come in handy as well.

Further resources you might be interested in

Sous vide recipe library

Sous vide article: The best websites for sous vide recipes

Top sous vide product companies list

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Sous vide YouTube channels
Here at Sous Vide Hub we aim to share as many useful resources as possible to enhance your sous vide cooking experience. Here we showcase a range of YouTube channels and clips that we think will help you on your sous vide journey. Sometimes watching someone else do something gives you the confidence to attempt it yourself. YouTube clips are particularly powerful for this reason.

There are some super well regarded YouTube channels around that know sous vide cooking inside and out. Here are some of our recommendations for content that we think rocks:

Sous Vide Everything YouTube channel

With over 100,000 subscribers and counting, the Sous Vide Everything channel is “dedicated to the search of perfectly cooked proteins and more”. This channel uploads videos super regularly and the channel has covered a huge amount of ground since January 2017. At the time of writing, there are over 100 sous vide related YouTube clips online.

ChefSteps YouTube channel

Yes, we know. ChefSteps is a manufacturer of sous vide products themselves so they are very likely to be promoting their own products in their YouTube clips. But we cannot deny that they are referred to by hundreds of thousands of sous vide home cooks and chefs around the world.

If you are a seasoned sous vider you will know of the Joule Immersion Circulator. Some of you may love it, others may not. Putting your opinion to one side, this YouTube channel is super helpful for all sous vide cooks. You don’t need to own their brand of immersion circulator to take advantage of the hints and tips from the many ChefSteps YouTube clips available. With over 725,000 subscribers to their YouTube channel, this is most certainly a “go to” channel for many sous vide cooks.

Anova Culinary YouTube channel

Just like ChefSteps, Anova Culinary also carries a line of immersion circulators. To see our review of the Anova Immersion Circulator click here. Whilst this channel has a much smaller subscriber base then ChefSteps they do have some helpful clips with over 50 clips uploaded at the time of writing. Many clips are very short which is good for those seeking more of an overview.

Sous Vide TV YouTube channel

It is early days for this YouTube channel but it is worth keeping an eye on. There are only a handful of sous vide videos on the channel at the time of writing but the clip lengths of around 2 minutes makes them super “consumable”.

Specific sous vide YouTube clips worth a look

A Beginner’s Guide to Sous Vide Cooking – Kitchen Conundrums with Thomas Joseph (approx 9 minute run time)

Escoffier Online explain sous vide cooking (approx 25 minute run time)

The Sous Vide Revolution by PolyScience Culinary (approx 17 minute run time)

Sous Vide Product Reviews and Comparisons

Joule Sous Vide review by Linus Tech Tips (approx 8 minute run time)

Searzal vs Otto Grill vs Flamethower who finishes the best SOUS VIDE STEAK? by Sous Vide Everything (approx 5 minute run time)

Best SOUS VIDE Machine – Anova, Joule, Sansaire, PolyScience, Sous Vide Supreme by Sous Vide Everything (approx 18 minute run time)

Anova vs Joule, two Wi-Fi enabled immersion circulators by CNET (approx 2 minute run time)

$1,195.00 Grill VS $28 Torch by Sous Vide Everything (approx 6 minute run time)

Fun Sous Vide Hacks

Cook a steak in a cooler

How to cook sous vide without the expensive equipment (approx 13 minute run time)

Want to access more resources like these YouTube clips to take your sous vide cooking to the next level? Join our Sous Vide Hub community today by clicking here.

Top sous vide recipe websites

The popularity of sous vide cooking is no passing fad. Today the ability to cook with the sous vide method can be accessed by everyone, even the every day home cook. To learn more about sous vide cooking head to our FAQ page.

For those of you who are already sold on the idea, we’ve sourced some of the best websites for finding proven and delicious sous vide recipes. From first time sous vide cooks to experienced sous viders, these websites will help you on your sous vide cooking journey.

Sous vide recipe inspiration is just a click away

The largest recipe websites in the world showcase millions and millions of recipes. But sous vide cooking requires sous vide recipes. It is not possible to just adapt every day recipes when you are cooking with your sous vide oven or sous vide immersion circulator. We know that you would much prefer to be in your kitchen cooking that trawling the web for great sous vide recipes. We have you covered. Here are our top picks of websites from around the world that offer sous vide recipes.

Great British Chefs and Great Italian Chefs

Great British Chefs and Great Italian Chefs are the team behind the fastest growing food websites in the UK (www.greatbritishchefs.com and www.greatitialianchefs.com). Both sites are go-to destinations for foodies in search of recipe inspiration, technical expertise and the latest chef and restaurant news and reviews. Both of these websites have an extensive range of sous vide recipes for you to try out. With Easy, Medium and Challenging categories you can easily short list recipes just right for your current sous vide skill level.

Anova Culinary

Anova Culinary offers sous vide products which can be seen on our Sous Vide Company page. There is an extensive sous vide recipe library on their website. Recipes are submitted by those in the sous vide cooking community. You can even see the name of those who have submitted the recipes. Another great feature is a star rating system for all sous vide recipes.


This is one of the UK’s leading resource for sous vide recipes and guides.  Sousvidetools rates the difficulty level for each recipe which is very helpful.

Sous Vide Supreme

Sous Vide Supreme has a range of very well regarded sous vide machines. You can check them out on our Sous Vide Company page. Their website also offers a HUGE range of sous vide recipes across lots of different categories. You need to provide your email address to access them. Sous Vide Supreme also offers videos of their recipes if you like a little bit of visual assistance. Videos are especially helpful if you are new to sous vide cooking.

The Inspired Home

Whilst this website doesn’t have the volume of sous vide recipes that other sites do, what The Inspired Home website offers is pretty contemporary and cool. Examples include their Sous Vide Cocktails with Fig and Rosemary blog post and their 25 Sous Vide Recipes for Easy Cooking blog post. The Inspired Home does tend to source their recipes from some of the  website listed here. However from time to time they pull in some great recipes from smaller websites as well.


Sansaire offers sous vide products which can be seen on our Sous Vide Company page. The Sansaire website offers a range of “Sansaire Signature Recipes” across a significant number of categories including a Cocktail category


ChefSteps offers a very popular sous vide immersion circulator called Joule which can be seen on our Sous Vide Company page. Check out our review of the Joule by clicking here. ChefSteps has a super duper active user community. The recipes on the ChefSteps website are submitted by some of those avid sous vide home cooks.

Molecular Recipes

Molecular Recipes is an online source for molecular gastronomy recipes and techniques. There are around a dozen specific sous vide recipes on this site (and lots of recipes for other cooking techniques as well). Some of the recipes are not for the sous vide faint hearted. But they do look absolutely amazing so we think they are worth a look.

We hope that you have fun exploring the websites above.

Sous Vide Hub curates a large range of sous vide recipes sourced from some of the websites above. Of course, thanks to awesome technology, sous vide recipes are now easily shared worldwide. We love finding great recipes from smaller niche sous vide websites as well so watch out for those.

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Sous vide online courses and workshops

Ready to take your sous vide cooking to the next level? Our aim at Sous Vide Hub is to provide you with the tools to help you be the best sous vide cook you can be. For some, sous vide cooking is a hobby. For others, it is a passion. Whether you are just starting out or looking to take the next step in your sous vide cooking, there is an online course for everyone:

Culinary Research and Education Academy (CREA)


CREA sous vide course

(Image credit: www.lecrea.com)

CREA is leading a culinary revolution, teaching world-class chefs how to cook sous-vide. CREA offers online sous vide courses, off-site sous vide courses and on-site sous vide courses. Check out the courses by clicking here.

ChefSteps Classes


Chefsteps online sous vide course class page

(Image credit: www.chefsteps.com)

Having written the groundbreaking, modern molecular gastronomy opus, Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking, which received the James Beard award for best cookbook, ChefSteps creative force has teamed up to bring you phenomenal molecular gastronomy classes online for free.

If you are willing to sign up to ChefSteps (It’s free but you need to provide your name, email and a password), ChefSteps will teach you techniques such as sous vide, spherification, foaming, and much more. Technically speaking, ChefSteps are not offering a course per se, but the videos you can access are very informative.

Sous Vide at Home: The Essentials with James Briscione


James Briscione sous vide online class

(Image credit: www.craftsy.com)

James Brisicone is the author of three cookbooks, co-owner of Just Married & Cooking with his wife Brooke, and two-time champion of Food Network’s Chopped.  Since 2012, he has served as the director of culinary development at the Institute of Culinary Education. And he works with IBM on the Chef Watson project, to understand how flavor compounds and ingredients translate from a database to real-word kitchens.

James offers downloadable class resources including 6 streaming HD video lessions that can be accessed anytime from anywhere. The course offers hours of close up instructions, class materials including recipes and answers to student questions from James himself. Impressive! Click here to see further details of his course.

Face to face sous vide classes and workshops

For some of you lucky ducks, there are face to face courses and workshops available for further sous vide inspiration. Here are just some of those courses that are offered around the world in 2018:


Sous Vide Training in Lancaster (12 February 2018)

Hong Kong

Miele Sous Vide Cooking Workshop – no current dates set. You can check the website in the link for upcoming dates as they are confirmed



3-day sous-vide introduction at USF Sarasota-Manatee Culinary Innovation Lab with Dr Bruno Goussault in Florida (10 January to 12 January 2018) 

Sous Vide Workship with Rich Rosendale in Chicago (24 April 2018 to 25 April 2018)


5-day sous-vide introduction with special appearance by Joel Robuchon in Paris (22 January to 26 January, 12 March to 16 March 2018, 23 April to 27 April 2018, 4 June to 8 June 2018, 24 Sept to 28 Sept 2018, 5 Nov to 9 Nov 2018)

3-day advanced sous-vide and extraction training. Introductory course is prerequisite. Paris (19 March to 21 March 2018, 2 May to 4 May 2018, 1 October to 3 October 2018, 19 Nov to 21 Nov 2018)


Sous Vide Garen mit fusionchef in Bahnhofstrasse 88 Rafz 8197 Switzerland (30 January 2018 and 27 March 2018)

Selbst produzierte Inhouse-Convenience – die neue Herausforderung in Rafz, Schweiz (10 April 2018)


Sous Vide Workshop in Dortmund (26 February 2018 and 14 May 2018)

Do you know of any other online or in person sous vide courses being offered around the globe in 2018? If you do, we would love to hear from you so we can add those to the lists above.

Further reading

First Time Buyer's Guide


Sous vide (pronounced “soo veed”), is French for “under vacuum” and is a method of cooking food which has been vacuum-sealed in a plastic bag or pouch and then placed in a regulated, low temperature controlled water bath or steam environment. The low temperature of the water cooks the food slowly and more evenly than conventional cooking methods, such as roasting. When cooking sous vide you make succulent and tender meats that can then be quickly browned by searing or grilling to achieve the generally desired exterior crust. Food cooked in this style needs to be chilled before being vacuum sealed and cooked soon after being sealed.


The sous vide market can be a bit overwhelming initially as there are many products associated with sous vide cooking. Let’s go through the main product categories one by one:

  • Sous vide water ovens
    • A sous vide water oven is a standalone product. You fill the water oven with water, pop your vacuum sealed food into the sous vide oven and set a timer for it to cook. Sous vide ovens do take up a little space in your kitchen so it is important to check the size or “footprint” of the sous vide water oven before you purchase one.
  • Thermal immersion circulators
    • A thermal immersion circulator is an electronically powered device that circulates and heats water. The water is kept at an accurate and stable temperature. An immersion circulator clips onto a vessel of water (like a pot), giving amateur cooks the ability to cook in the sous vide style at home, which is awesome! They take up very little space in your kitchen and they are an affordable and easy to use sous vide option.
  • Vacuum-sealing systems
    • Vacuum sealing systems allow you to seal your food inside an airtight, food friendly plastic bag. You then place the bag in your sous vide water bath oven, or pot of water (if using an immersion circulator). You can add oils, herbs and other ingredients to the bag so that the flavours will enhance your meal. They’re simple to use and compact for your kitchen.
  • Multi cookers
    • Multi cookers offer multiple methods of cooking in the same unit. You can select the cooking method that suits you. Options can include: Sous vide, baking, rice cooking, roasting, slow cooking, warming, sauté, steam, making yoghurt
  • Sous vide water balls and other accessories
    • Sous Vide water balls serve multiple purposes. You place them in the container throughout the cooking time, they are safe to cook with and are reusable (make sure you choose heat resistant balls that are BPA free). Water balls create a more efficient heating vessel by preventing cold air from cooling the water. They reduce water evaporation by creating a “lid” on top


The “right” product will depend on multiple factors. Things such as, Budget, Bench space, Intended cooking method, and Desire for additional features.  So there is no single “best product”. But don’t worry, we can help you find the right option.

The following table should help you decide on which type of sous vide product is right for you. Once you’ve found your answer, we encourage you to head over to our review area and store to continue your research.


This is where we’ve done the hard work for you. Head over to our store. We have a huge number of options in each category for you to buy. For the best deals, subscribe to the Sous Vide Hub community and we’ll mail you special offers, as well as news, reviews and recipes


Before you buy, check out our blog for tips on what else to consider when buying a sous vide machine.