Rubbermaid container – various sizes for sous vide cooking

The Rubbermaid commercial space saving food storage containers are a great option for sous vide cooks. They feature easy-to-read graduated measurements in blue for liters and red for quarts which makes it easy for you to measure contents.

Constructed of break-resistant polycarbonate, they have a temperature range of -40°-212°F making them perfect for  sous vide cooking. The most common sizes used in a sous vide cook are the 12 quart, 18 quart and 22 quart sizes.

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Looking for a sous vide water bath that is larger than your existing pots at home? Consider a Rubbermaid container. Rubbermaid offer a range of containers in different sizes. This allows you to pick the perfect size for the types of sous vide meals you make.

Each of the Rubbermaid containers has the same great features:

  • Square shape which is great for sous vide cooks
  • Constructed from dishwasher-safe, impact-resistant polycarbonate
  • Easy-to-read, graduated measurements
  • Drain holes in handles prevent water from collecting

The Rubbermaid containers feature durable handles with drain holes for proper washing and drying. USDA-certified for food contact, it assists in complying with HACCP guidelines and is NSF 3-A Meat and Poultry Equipment and NSF 2-certified.

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