Wancle Sous Vide Precision Cooker vs Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker

Head to Head: Anova Sous Vide Precision Cookers (Bluetooth + Bluetooth and WiFi) versus Wancle Sous Vide Immersion Circulator

It’s sous vide immersion circulator comparison time. In this article we take a look at the Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cookers (there are 2 models) versus the Wancle Sous Vide Immersion Circulator. If you are new to sous vide cooking, WELCOME! We know that you are going to love sous vide. There is a hugely supportive sous vide cooking community online so jump on the band wagon and you are sure to find lots of sous vide support along the way.

Head to our FAQ and Resources page if you are after a little more information about what sous vide cooking is and why it is gaining popularity by the day.

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First up let’s take a look at the price difference between the Anova Precision Cookers (both the Bluetooth only and the Bluetooth + WiFi models) and the Wancle sous vide immersion circulator.

The Wancle sous vide immersion circulator is most certainly a more economical choice than the two (2) Anova Precision Cookers.  You have two choices with Anova Culinary: the Anova Culinary Bluetooth Sous Vide Precision Cooker and the Anova Culinary Bluetooth and WiFi Sous Vide Precision Cooker. The difference between these 2 Anova models is that the second model is WiFi enabled. The WiFi enabled model is the most expensive of the three. So in terms of cost, the Wancle is the cheapest, followed by the Anova Culinary Bluetooth model and the most expensive model is the Bluetooth + WiFi enabled Anova Precision Cooker.

Technology (WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity)

Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker

Credit: Anova Culinary via Facebook

There is no doubt that the technology now available to power kitchen gadgets, is growing in popularity. And that includes technology powering sous vide machines. Anova has one model that is WiFi enabled. What does that mean you ask? If you are after a detailed answer, head to our article “Do I need a WiFi and Bluetooth enabled my sous vide machine”.

In short, a WiFi enabled sous vide machine can be operated by a companion app on your smart phone (and other smart devices). It requires a WiFi connection at all times to operate. A bluetooth enabled sous vide machine uses a Bluetooth connection between your sous vide machine and your smart phone app. This does not require a WiFi connection to work. The key to using Bluetooth technology is that you need to be near your sous vide machine for the connection to work.

Let’s look at each model we are reviewing is this article to compare their technology use:

The Wancle immersion circulator is operated directly on the machine itself. It does not use either WiFi or Bluetooth. technology to operate. This means you do not need to provide any personal information to set it up or to use it, nor do you need a companion app on your smart phone.

Anova WiFi precision cooker

Credit: Anova Culinary via Facebook

Simple Setup

The Anova Bluetooth enabled precision cooker does not require you to set up any complex logins and WiFi connections to use it. Of course if your Bluetooth connection is unstable for some reason, you may need to re-enter details into the app. This can be a little frustrating but given you have the option to operate your Anova Culinary Precision Cooker directly on the unit itself, you can choose not to use the Bluetooth functionality if you are having trouble with that technology.

The Anova Bluetooth and WiFi enabled Precision Cooker does require you to set up a login and requires a WiFi connection to work. Now this can be a super convenient feature if you love controlling your kitchen gadgets remotely. But if you are not tech savvy and don’t know the first thing about pairing your smart phone with your sous vide machine this might not be the sous vide immersion circulator for you. We must say though, that there are loads of sous viders out there who absolutely LOVE having the flexibility to control their Anova via it companion app with WiFi connectivity.

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Screen and Steam

Credit: Wancle via Amazon

Credit: Anova Culinary (both models looks the same) via Amazon


When looked at side by side, the Wancle sous vide immersion circulator and the Anova sous vide immersion circulators do look quite different. You will notice that the display screen on the Wancle curves a little. This design does have a benefit when it comes to steam rising from your water bath. The curve means that the steam does not rise directly onto the control panel on the Wancle which means it is less likely to “short circuit” your immersion circulator. If however you use a pot with a lid, or a large container with a lid or water balls over your water bath, this design element will be less important for you.

As you can see in the image above, the Anova has a straighter design. And this means that when steam rises from your water bath, it is prone to head straight up to the control unit. There have been instances where this rising steam has “fried” the Anova motor. But again, if you have a covering your water bath with a lid, water balls or cling wrap, this is less likely to be a problem for you.

Clamp Design

The clip on the Anova Precision Cooker models are adjustable. That means they will clamp onto most containers whether you are using a pot or a larger polycarbonate container for your water bath. The clamp (also know as a clip) may have some trouble clipping on to the side of a container that has an irregular shaped water bath. There are plenty of container options on the market for the Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker. Some even come with custom lids with Anova Precision Cooker shaped cut outs which are helpful for holding your Anova perfectly in your water bath.

Wancle immersion circulator

Credit: Wancle via Amazon

The Wancle sous vide immersion circulator can be directly attached to the side of most containers too. There are not as many custom Wancle lids to choose from in comparison to the Anova, however they do exist. The Wancle has different height settings so it is easy to raise or lower the unit to your desired level in your water bath. The clamp may be difficult to attach to some containers with wide lips so keep that in mind when you are purchasing.

It is more than likely you will be doing your sous vide cooking in just one pot or container. So once you choose a container that works for either the Anova or the Wancle, you will be all set for your sous vide cooking.

Temperature Range

All three models have a very similar temperature range. The Anova models are able to heat to 210°F /99°C, and the Wancle sous vide immersion circulator is able to heat to 211.8°F / 99.9°C


There are lots of moving parts in a sous vide immersion circulator and from time to time sous vide units are built with faulty parts and other manufacturing errors. We always suggest that you purchase a sous vide machine that has a warranty. The good news is that both the Anova models and the Wancle sous vide immersion circulator come with a warranty. Anova Culinary offers a 60 day money back satisfaction guarantee and a 1 year warranty. Wancle offers a 2 year warranty.

Power and Precision

The Anova Bluetooth sous vide precision cooker has a wattage of 800 watts. The Anova Bluetooth + WiFi precision cooker has a wattage of 900 watts and the Wancle has a wattage of 850 watts. The higher the wattage the faster your water bath will heat up. So this means that the Anova Bluetooth + WiFi model will heat the quickest followed by the Wancle sous vide immersion circulator.

Wancle immersion circulator

Credit: Wancle via Amazon

The other key aspect of performance of sous vide immersion circulators is their ability to hold your water bath temperature constant. This ensures that your food is cooked evenly which is really important in sous vide cooking. Most units are accurate to within +/- 0.01 degree Farenheit.  This is the case for all three sous vide machine models in this comparison article.

The truth is that there is often some variability between units purchased from any sous vide machine manufacturer. It is important to test your sous vide machine temperature accuracy every now and again to make sure it is indeed running at the temperature displayed on the control unit or the companion app.

Water Capacity Levels

All sous vide immersion circulators have a minimum water level capacity and a maximum water level capacity that is required for operation. The minimum ensures that water is being taken in by the input port so that the heater doesn’t overheat. The maximum is to ensure that water-sensitive circuitry doesn’t get wet. The Anova models has a minimum capacity level of 2.5 inches/6.35cms and a maximum capacity of 7.25 inches/18.415cm. The Wancle has a minimum capacity of 4 inches. It can heat up to 19 liters (which is about 5 gallons).

When it comes to water capacity, the key is to look at the shape and height of the container you are going to use as your sous vide water bath. For example, if you purchase a large container for your Wancle you will need to fill that water bath to at least 4 inches at a minimum. Depending on the size and shape of your water container it can take quite a lot of water to reach this minimum level.


Sous vide machines do make some noise. Commonly you will hear the sound of sous vide your immersion circulator swishing (circulating) water around in your water bath. This noise is usually really inoffensive.

However in some sous vide units you can hear the motor of the machine. This is not the case with either of the Anova models or the Wancle. Both units are reasonably quiet.

And if that is not the case for you, you may have a faulty unit, so it is worth getting in touch with the manufacturer to request a replacement unit.

User Interface

Both the Anova Bluetooth and the Anova Bluetooth and WiFi versions have a touch screen monitor on which you can control a number of functions. These include adjusting the temperature (in °F or °C) and cook time. You can also create diagnostic reports that confirm how the system is functioning.

The Wancle sous vide immersion circulator also has a user interface with controls. It can be a little awkward when switching from temperature to a time display on the Wancle but largely the touch screen works reliably.


It goes without saying that the more popular sous vide immersion circulators on the market have more accessories to choose from. Many sous vide accessories can be used with all sous vide immersion circulators no matter the brand. As we mentioned earlier in this article, sous vide lids for larger polycarbonate containers are one accessory that does tend to be customized for specific immersion circulators.

Credit: LTGEM case for Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker

The EVA case, Caseling and the LTGEM cases are all perfect for protecting your Anova precision cookers (both models) between uses or when you are traveling. There is a LTGEM case which is perfect for the Wancle sous vide immersion circulator on the market also.

If you are planning to use a kitchen pot for your sous vide cooking, you really don’t need any extra sous vide accessories unless you would like to use sous vide water balls to provide your water bath with some insulation.


So there you have it. A comparison of the two Anova sous vide precision cookers and the Wancle sous vide immersion circulator. So who is the winner in our eyes?

Both the Anova precision cooker models (Bluetooth and Bluetooth + WiFi) are definitely worth considering.  If you love a side serve of technology with your sous vide machine then it is worth considering the Anova models.

The Anova sous vide cooking user community is significantly larger than that for the Wancle immersion circulator but that is not to say that it is a better product. We must admit though that this community support is invaluable when you need some help trouble shooting any problems with your Anova sous vide precision cooker. The community also shares recipes, hints and tips and there is even an Anova specific online forum which can be really helpful once you are up and running with your precision cooker. But as with any technology enabled kitchen gadget, sometimes users find it hard to

In saying that. the Wancle immersion circulator also have a bunch of super happy sous vide home cooks. There is not a significant Wancle specific sous vide cooking community online but you can easily tap into the larger sous vide community for inspiration and advice. The Wancle sous vide immersion circulator is definitely a solid choice if you are on a lower budget and don’t want or need the technological bells and whistles offered in the Anova precision cooker models.

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