Top Sous Vide Cooking Container Options

Sous vide cooking container

Sous vide cooking is increasing in popularity day by day. This is because you can now buy affordable sous vide immersion circulators to use in your own home. If you are new to sous vide cooking, click here to learn more. Sous vide cooking involves putting food into food pouches (vac sealer bags or zip lock bags), immersing it under water in a sous vide cooking container at low temperature over a long period of time.

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Sous vide cooking produces the most succulent, delicious meals you have ever tasted. Once you have a sous vide machine, all you need to decide is which container you are going to use as your water bath.

Which sous vide cooking container should you use?

You have a few choices when it comes to which sous vide cooking container you are going to use. The main options include:

  1. A cooking pot you already have in your kitchen. Some immersion circulators such as the Joule Immersion Circulator are fairly small. They fit well in regular kitchen pots and create a very effective sous vide water bath solution.

2. A larger sous vide cooking container is sometimes required if you have a larger immersion circulator. Many sous viders use polycarbonate containers. They are really helpful if you are looking to cook a larger volume of food. You can read more about polycarbonate container options here.

3. A third sous vide cooking container option is an ice chest or cooler such as the Coleman Cooler ice cooler. Ice chests are inexpensive and many people already have one in their home. This makes them a popular choice.

4. Some sous viders set up their water bath in their kitchen sink. Yes. That’s right, the sous vide cooking container that everyone has access to! This is not a common option but it does work. If you are desperate or short on space, it is definitely an option to consider.

We hope we’ve helped you choose a sous vide cooking container that it just right you. Of course, if you are a passionate sous vider, you may use all of the container options here.

Happy sous viding.

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