Crenova VS100S Vacuum Sealer

This stainless steel vacuum sealer is an ideal partner for your sous vide cooking. Vacuum sealers are the most reliable machines to ensure your food pouches are properly sealed for your sous vide cooking. Nutrients, vitamins and trace elements are not lost, vegetables remain crisp and color intensive.

The Crenova VS100S vacuum sealer is not just great for vacuum sealing food bags for your sous vide cooking. It has the added bonus of being great for food storage keeping  food fresh up to 8x longer than regular shelf life.

To learn more about the food pouch sealing options you have when sous vide cooking, click here.




The Crenova VS100S Vacuum Sealer:

  • Is made with stainless steel
  • Has indicator lights for quick troubleshooting
  • Has a 2-in-1 function combined with vacuuming and sealing
  • Each function (vacuuming or sealing) can be operated separately
  • Hassle-free warranty & service; comes with three year warranty for 100% satisfaction

Comes as a starter kit which includes:

  • 5*vacuum seal bag (22x30cm) and;
  • 5*vacuum seal bag (22x10cm)


  • 3mm extra-wide sealing strip creates air-tight seal
  • -80kpa High Air-Tight 
  • 3.94 x 14.17 x 7.48 inches