Finding the Best Sous Vide Recipes

best sous vide recipes

The popularity of sous vide cooking is no passing fad. Today the ability to cook in the sous vide style can be accessed by everyone, even the every day home cook. To learn more about sous vide cooking head to our FAQ page. So where do you find the best sous vide recipes? Read on.

For those of you who are already sold on the idea, we’ve sourced some of the best websites for finding proven and delicious sous vide recipes. From first time sous vide cooks to experienced “sous viders”, these websites will help you on your sous vide cooking journey.

Sous vide recipe inspiration is just a click away

The largest recipe websites in the world showcase millions and millions of recipes. But sous vide cooking requires sous vide recipes. It is not possible to just adapt every day recipes when you are cooking with your sous vide oven or sous vide immersion circulator. We know that you would much prefer to be in your kitchen cooking that trawling the web for great sous vide recipes. We have you covered. Here are our top picks for the top sous vide recipe websites around

Great British Chefs and Great Italian Chefs

Great British Chefs and Great Italian Chefs is the team behind the fastest growing food websites in the UK ( and Both sites are go-to destinations for foodies in search of recipe inspiration, technical expertise and the latest chef and restaurant news and reviews. Both of these websites have an extensive range of sous vide recipes for you to try out. With Easy, Medium and Challenging categories you can easily short list recipes just right for your current sous vide skill level

Anova Culinary

Anova offers sous vide products which can be seen on our Sous Vide Company page. There is an extensive recipe library on their website. Recipes are submitted by those in the sous vide cooking community. You can even see the name of those who have submitted the recipes. Another great feature is a star rating system for all sous vide recipes.


This is one of the UK’s leading resource for sous vide recipes and guides.  They rate the difficulty level for each recipe which is very helpful.

Sous Vide Supreme

Sous Vide Supreme has a range of very well regarded sous vide machines. You can check them out on our Sous Vide Company page. Their website also offers a HUGE range of sous vide recipes across lots of different categories. You need to provide your email address to access them. Sous Vide Supreme also offers videos of their recipes if you like a little bit of visual assistance. Videos are especially helpful if you are new to sous vide cooking.

The Inspired Home

Whilst this website doesn’t have the volume of sous vide recipes that other sites do, what The Inspired Home website offers is pretty contemporary and cool. Examples include their Sous Vide Cocktails with Fig and Rosemary blog post and their 25 Sous Vide Recipes for Easy Cooking blog post. The Inspired Home does tend to source their recipes from some of the  website listed here. However from time to time they pull in some great recipes from smaller websites as well.


Sansaire offers sous vide products which can be seen on our Sous Vide Company page. They also offer a range of “Sansaire Signature Recipes” across a significant range of categories including a Cocktail category


ChefSteps offers a very popular sous vide immersion circulator called Joule which can be seen on our Sous Vide Company page. We have also reviewed the Joule. If you would like to see that review click here. ChefSteps has a super duper active user community. You will see that the recipes on the website are submitted by some of those avid sous vide home cooks.

We hope that you have fun exploring the websites above.

Sous Vide Hub lists a large range of sous vide recipes that are often sourced from some of the websites above. Of course, thanks to awesome technology, sous vide recipes are now easily shared worldwide. We love finding great recipes from smaller niche sous vide websites as well so watch out for those.

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