Sous Vide Eggs Benedict

Sous Vide Eggs Benedict

All those in favor of Eggs Benedict say “I”. Yes. We can hear you from there!! The only thing better than Eggs Benedict is sous vide Eggs Benedict. And you have come to exactly the right place to see some scrumptious recipes for you to try this weekend.

Sous Vide Eggs Benedict – You can’t go wrong

Anyone not familiar with sous vide cooking is missing out of something phenomenal. We are not just saying that. Who doesn’t want perfectly cooked food EVERY single time. If you are a sous vide newbie, head over to our FAQ to learn a little more about this life changing cooking technique.

For the rest of you, read on. Divine Eggs Benedict recipes await you in the article ahead.

Here are our favorite sous vide Eggs Benedict recipes for you to drool over and maybe prepare this weekend. Or tomorrow. And the next day. You get our drift…

Sous Vide Eggs Benedict

Photo Credit: Anova Culinary

We can’t go past this Sous Vide Eggs Benedict recipe in the Anova Culinary recipe library. With Anova’s trusty sous vide precision cooker in your hands, look at the gorgeousness you can create on a plate


Or this Sous Vide “Eggs Benny” from Boss Food (careful this is a noisy clip – don’t open it in the office if no one knows that you are actually researching your next sous vide masterpiece at your desk):


Just in case some of you are new to sous vide and feeling as though you might not smash this Eggs Benedict thing, here’s the recipe for you – the Can’t-F****-It-Up Eggs Benedict from Chefsteps (the makers of the Joule, a super popular sous vide immersion circulator):

sous vide eggs benedict

Photo credit: ChefSteps

And finally a Sous Vide Eggs Benedict from Mary’s Making. How awesome does this dish look? (that’s a rhetorical question…):

Sous Vide Eggs Benedict from Mary's Making

Useful sous vide eggs benedict resources to keep the salivation rolling

Need to see more? Head to our curated recipes library by clicking here.

If you prefer to get your sous vide eggs benedict inspiration directly from Insta or Pinterest, use the hashtags #sousvideeggs and #sousvideeggsbenedict. Head to our Pinterest page (Sous Vide Hub) and our Instagram account (Sous Vide Hub) for other sous vide cooking recipe inspiration.

Now it’s time for you to get cooking! Good luck and don’t forget to share your sous vide successes on our socials. We’d love to see your sous vide eggs benedict successes. 

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