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Online sous vide forums

So you want to learn more about sous vide cooking. We get that. At Sous Vide Hub our aim is simple. To bring to you all the sous vide resources we can to maximize your enjoyment of sous vide cooking. Sous Vide online forums are a great way to learn more about sous vide cooking.

What’s an online sous vide forum?

An online forum is really just an online chat room where people talk in detail about a topic. In this instance, it is sous vide cooking. Sous vide cooks (home and professional) are sharing their hints and tips, cook successes and failures and questions and queries with other sous vide lovers around the world. Forums offer a place to get together and exchange ideas and expertise with other people who are just as passionate about modernist cooking as you are.

Here is a list of 9 online active sous vide forums to help you learn, grow and contribute to the sous vide community. The advise, ideas, hints and tips you get will make your sous vide cooking even more enjoyable:

Sous Vide Hub – Our list of 9 online sous vide forums you don’t want to miss

Anova Food Nerd forum

Anova manufactures one of the most popular immersion circulators on the market. Their “food nerd” forum is a great place to connect with other sous vide enthusiasts to ask questions, answers questions and drool over Instagram worthy sous vide food pics.



Amazing Food Made Easy

This forum focuses on “modernist cooking and molecular gastronomy communities”. The cooking forum has 3 different areas: Modernist Recipes, Modernist Techniques, and Modernist Equipment and Ingredients. There is a decent amount of sous vide focused chat here.





Cheftalk forum image

This forum has a range of categories and some detailed discussion threads about sous vide cooking. You will see that many chefs actually respond to questions and conversation threads as well which is a bonus. Whilst the sous vide cooking content here is a little dated, it is still very relevant today.


This company manufacturers the Joule immersion circulator so any sous vide questions in the forum tend to relate to that product. But you can still draw lots of value from this forum in a general sense if you have a different sous vide product.




Google +

For those of you not familiar with Google+, it is an internet based social network that is owned and operated by Google. It’s a place to “discover amazing things and connect with passionate people”. There are a range of sous vide communities to join, and people, pages and collections to “follow”.

Ketogenic Forums

Ketogenic forum photo

As the name suggests this forum is a place where “ALL are welcome to explore the science and share personal experiments, recipes, successes, failures, goals, dreams, humor, and anything else related to the use of a well-formulated ketogenic diet; including fasting.” Wow. That’s a mouthful isn’t it (pun intended!). The Ketogenic Forum has a number of sous vide threads if ketogenic diets AND sous vide cooking floats your boat.


Reddit Sous Vide Community

This forum currently has over 43,000 subscribers! Whatever your query, this is definitely a go to forum for sous vide cooking.

Smoking Meat Forum

This forum covers “smokers, smoking ribs, brisket, chicken, sausage, and more”. Whilst not specifically focused on sous vide cooking there are some sous vide conversation threads here for sous vide fans.

Get involved

Most people “shop around” a little before they join a community. It you haven’t used an online forum before, don’t worry. It’s not a cult. Have a browse at each forum to see what tickles your fancy. Online forums are such a great way to connect with other sous vide cooking enthusiasts.

In most cases you will need to register or create an account to become a member and contribute to the online forum. This is often super easy to do and it is free. Once you are signed up you can ask questions, answer questions and generally get involved in chats about all things sous vide with others who are passionate about it.

Our list of sous vide forums is not definitive. There are plenty of other sous vide online forums around. If you know of one we haven’t listed here that provides great value, please leave a message in the comments section below so we can add it to our list.

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