Sous Vide Creme Brulee – Your silky dessert masterpiece guide

Sous vide creme brulee

Sous vide crème brulee is the creamiest, silkiest dessert goodness you are ever likely to taste.

The tastiness and texture of crème brulee is all about the cooking temperature of the custard. Custard is sensitive to high temperatures. The sous vide cooking technique uses low temperatures. And this is the key to creating a crème brulee custard that is silky, smooth and utterly delicious.

Sous vide creme brulee Food and Frenchies

Photo credit: Food and Frenchies Sous Vide Creme Brulee (Recipe link below)

Cooking dessert for a large dinner party worth of guests? Sous vide crème brulee will be a hit EVERY time. You can cook individual jars for each guest for that added personal touch before the dinner party. Simply finish each off with a generous sprinkle of sugar on top and a kitchen blow torch before serving.

New to sous vide cooking?

If you are new to sous vide cooking don’t hesitate to head to our FAQ to learn more about this fool proof cooking technique that produces restaurant quality food every time you cook!

Sous vide creme brulee – Serious Eats

Serious Eats have an awesome guide to creating the perfect sous vide crème brulee. Here is a link for those of you interested in a detailed guide in perfecting this silky dessert. You will want to lick the inside of your crème brulee jar every time!

Serious Eats, a super popular cooking website, offers a range of to die for sous vide crème brulee recipes (and an enormous catalogue of other sous vide dishes and guides for that matter too). Check out their Crème Brulee for One from “Paris Pastry Club” as just one example.

Sous vide creme brulee Serious Eats

Photo Credit: Serious Eats

Sous vide creme brulee bag versus jar method

Mostly we see sous viders cook their crème brulee desserts in glass jars or mason jars. You can also make sous vide crème brulee in a bag.

However there are a few things you need to be careful of when using glass jars rather than a vacuum sealed or ziplocked bag for your sous vide crème brulee preparation:

  • The lids need to be closed “finger tight” to make sure the ingredients don’t leak out into your water bath (or cause your water jars to crack)
  • You need to be careful when lifting your glass jars out of your water bath as they may be very hot
  • You need to wait before you transfer the glass jars into an ice bath as the glass jars can crack
  • When you are torching your sugar on top of your glass jar, make sure the flame is directed into the sugar and not the glass as the heat of the flame can crack it

There is no difference in recipe whether you are using the bagging method or the glass jar method to make your sous vide crème brulee.

Sous vide creme brulee recipes

You will find a range of crème brulee recipes across a range of social media platforms and recipe websites. Most use the same technique which requires you to submerge glass jars (also known as mason jars) into your sous vide water bath.

Sous Vide Simple Crème Brulee on the Anova Culinary website

Foolproof Cracklin’ Sous Vide Crème Brulee on the ChefSteps website

Sous Vide Crème Brulee from the Seaside Baker

Blueberry and Saffron Sous Vide Crème Brulee from Food For Net

Sous Vide Brown Butter Salted Caramel Crème Brûlée from Food and Frenchies

Sous vide creme brulee mason jar 

The key to using mason jars is in how tightly you close the lid on each jar.

Here is a simple explanation of what “fingertip tight” means from ChefSteps:

Place the lid on top of the jar, then, using just your fingertips, twist the band to tighten. When you begin to feel resistance, twist once in the opposite direction to loosen, then once more in the original direction to tighten.

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How to prepare sous vide crème brulee

Most recipes will have you pre-heat your water bath. The temperature you set your immersion circulator to will depend on the exact sous vide machine you have and the recipe that you are following.

Joule immersion circulator and cambro container

Photo credit: Joule Immersion Circulator in Cambro container ready for sous vide creme brulee cook

Typical ingredients for sous vide creme brulee include:

  • Cream
  • Sugar
  • Egg yolks
  • Flavoring of some type (typically vanilla bean but sometimes you find some weird and wonderful derivatives)

Some sous vide creme brulee video inspiration

And some more further pointers in video links, for preparing out-of-this- world sous vide crème brulee:

And here’s another video from Sous Vide Everything where they show a complete newbie making sous vide crème brulee to show just how easy it is to prepare and master:

Feedback from sous vide crème brulee loving folks

There is nothing better than turning to experienced sous vide dessert lovers for some hints and tips on creating delicious sous vide crème brulee every time:

  • You don’t have to pre-heat the crème in your recipe to create a perfect sous vide crème brulee
  • Sometimes sous vide crème brulee recipes call for quite a bit of salt – this doesn’t suit everyone’s taste buds, so make sure you start with just a small amount and add more if needed the next time you use the recipe
  • If you are going to use a welding or kitchen torch to harden the sugar layer on the top of your sous vide crème brulee at the end of your cook, consider wearing a welding or kitchen glove. Hot small glass jars, skin and an open flame can be a recipe for disaster without proper precautions and protection
  • When using your kitchen torch, narrow it to a very fine flame so that it doesn’t hit the glass jar itself – that can crack it
  • Some find that cooking in a larger container, so that you don’t have to stack the jars in your sous vide water bath is best. The jars can be a little buoyant or slip around a little
  • When your jars come out of your water bath, some recipes call for them to be put straight into an ice bath. But be careful. Your glass jar may crack if you do this too quickly. Wait until your glass jars have cooled down quite a bit before you do this
  • Consider adding other ingredients like Grand Marnier liqueur, chocolate mint syrup, ground cardamom, shave some bittersweet chocolate on top
  • You can use kitchen tongs to pull your mason jars out of your water bath. But some sous viders don;’t find this easy to do. Consider buying a jar lifter if you plan to make sous vide crème brulees on a regular basis
  • Don’t freeze your sous vide crème brulee. The consistency will change and it won’t taste great…at all!!

Sous vide crème brulee tips from Reddit

Social media has revolutionized the cooking experience. Not only do you now have access to a ridiculously large range of sous vide recipes, but online forums allow you to share all things sous vide with other sous viders around the world so easily.

sous vide creme brulee blueberry and saffron

Photo credit: Food for Net Sous Vide blueberry and saffron creme brulee (Recipe in article)

Check out this relevant conversation thread on reddit (on online community forum) which specifically covers the topic of sous vide crème brulee:

Sous vide creme brulee – first try 

Sous vide 80 degrees for 1 hour 

Salted caramel creme brulee from Anova

Sous vide crème brulee brilliance

Whether you are looking to cook up a batch of crème brulee dessertts for your next dinner party or just want to load up the fridge with some midnight snack sweet goodness, look no further than sous vide crème brulee.

Check out our Sous Vide Hub Creme Brulee Pinterest board filled with sous vide crème brulee inspiration that will have you reaching for your mason jars straight away.

Why not give sous vide crème brulee a go? After all, sous vide cooking is about experimenting and this dessert will see you spend more time chatting with your guests than spending time in the kitchen sweating over a dessert you are crossing your fingers will turn out!

Don’t forget to let us know how you go. We love sharing hints and tips with other cooking enthusiasts in our sous vide community.

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