Sous Vide Cocktails

Sous Vide Cocktail

Sous vide cooking has taken the world by storm. It’s such an simple cooking method, creating restaurant quality meals in the comfort of your home EVERY time. So it’s not surprising that bartenders and mixologists around the globe are getting on board too. Yep, sous vide cocktails are a thing.

sous vide cocktail

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Sous Vide Cocktail Creativity

For bartenders and mixologists alike, the sous vide technique allows them to whip up some new cocktail creations.

And, unlike sous vide steaks and salmon, drinks undergo a different transformation. The colors of sous vide infusions become richer…and the cocktails themselves, more glamorous.

The sous vide set-up itself is rather high tech. And it certainly creates a spectacle for customers requesting creative cocktails. The water bath (known as a sous vide water bath) is used to infuse ingredients. The water temperature is controlled by a sous vide water immersion circulator. This is what creates delicious and delectable infusions for ultimate cocktail creativity.

sous vide cocktail

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The sous vide infusion process

Some circulators come with a small monitor with adjustable temperature settings and infusions sometimes take a few hours to create. Now that’s a labor of love.

Most sous vide immersion circulators contain monitors that measure both cook time and temperature. That makes a sous vide machine perfect for busy bartenders.

Sous vide cocktail temperature and time tips

While manual infusions can take up to weeks to perfect, the sous vide method takes just a few hours.

For lighter cordials and syrups, regulate temperatures at around 50°C.

Heat denser ingredients such as cinnamon and coconut are at around 68°C for a longer period of time.

But be careful, if you go too far, you’ll hit the 80°C boiling point of alcohol, which may even pop the sous vide food bag.

Do sous vide infusions guarantee cocktail success?

The sous vide cooking technique is lorded for its reliability. Is that the case for creating cocktail infusions too? The very best bartenders will tell you that the priority of preserving flavors in our cocktails is based on an understanding of balance.

Once a mixologist or bartender perfects both the temperature and timing for their sous vide infusions, they can replicate this, achieving exceptional results EVERY time.

sous vide cocktail

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So if you love the vanilla in your old-fashioned to exude a sensual waft of sweetness, or the coffee in your espresso martini to pack a heart jolting caffeine punch, then order a sous vide cocktail next time you are at the bar.

You won’t be disappointed.

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Have you got a smashing sous vide cocktail creation you swear by? We would love to hear your sous vide cocktail recipes in the Comments section below.

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