Sous Vide Cheesecake in Mason Jars

sous vide raspberry cheesecake in mason jar

Creating delicious sous vide desserts in mason jars

Did you know that you can use glass jars for your sous vide cooking? We know. Sous vide cooking conjures up images of vacuum sealed bags of food cooking slowly over time in a water bath. And indeed the majority of people use plastic bags for their sous vide cooking. But you can also create delicious sous vide desserts in glass jars, commonly known as mason jars, too.

sous vide cheesecake mason jar

Credit: Cooking Madly (recipe below)

One of the most popular and delicious sous vide desserts to make is cheesecake. Yes, mason jars filled with luscious spoonfuls of sous vide cheese cake goodness. And it is a dessert that is so easy to master. So whether you are cooking for a dining room load of dinner party guests or you want something to satisfy your after dinner sweet tooth, sous vide cheesecake is a winner.

What’s a mason jar?

A mason jar is a wide-mouthed glass jar with an airtight screw top. The mason jar is a must in any zero-waste, plastic-free, home cooking household. Mason jars are BPA free and by using them, you avoid any potential negative health effects. So if you are not a huge fan of using plastic in your sous vide cooking, mason jars are an eco friendly alternative.

Mason jars are the perfect size for single serve sous vide desserts. And as we mentioned above, one of the most popular sous vide desserts to make is sous vide cheesecake.

Sous vide cheesecake in mason jars – the recipe options are endless

Given mason jars make great single serve sous vide dessert portions, you can make multiple mason jar desserts/serves at one time. You are able to buy mason jars in packs, which usually contain 6-12 jars. Give this, many sous viders often make large batches of cheesecake desserts at once. This makes them perfect for spoiling your dinner party guests with individual desserts, grabbing from the fridge for a late night indulgent snack or serving to your children as the perfect child sized sweet treat.

sous vide cheesecake mason jar

Credit: I sugar coat it (recipe below)

Take one look at Instagram or Pinterest and you will see that the sous vide cheesecake recipes on offer are super easy to master. In fact, most of the recipes are completely foolproof. So even if you are not a whizz in the kitchen you will still be able to create silky, creamy, restaurant quality mouth watering desserts.

Your sous vide cheesecake ingredient options are endless and only limited by your imagination. Here are just a few recipes for inspiration.

Sous vide orange marscarpone cheesecake from I Sugar Coat It

Sous vide pumpkin-eggnog cheesecake from Kosher Dosher

Sous vide cheesecake from Anova Culinary

Sous vide Oreo cheesecake from Cooking Madly

Sous vide raspberry cheesecake in a mason jar by Simply Recipes

Tips for using mason jars for your sous vide cooking

There are a couple of things to remember when you are using mason jars for your sous vide cooking:

  1. Consider putting the mason jar in your water bath before you heat the water. Whilst sous vide cooking does not require particularly high temperatures, some sous viders find that mason jars are prone to crack when submerged in hot water from room temperature (known as thermal shock)
  2. Close the lid to finger tip tight. If you seal your sous vide mason jars too tightly they may crack in your water bath. This is a method that can be a little tricky to nail.  Here is a simple explanation of what “fingertip tight” means from ChefSteps:

Place the lid on top of the jar, then, using just your fingertips, twist the band to tighten. When you begin to feel resistance, twist once in the opposite direction to loosen, then once more in the original direction to tighten.

Sous vide cheesecake options without mason jars

If you are keen to ditch the mason jars and make a larger cheesecake, here is a clip from the super talented guys at Sous Vide Everything. If you haven’t discovered them yet for your sous vide cooking, get on board (just for complete transparency, Sous Vide Hub has no affiliation with Sous Vide Everything):


sous vide raspberry cheesecake in mason jar

Credit: Simply Recipes (recipe above)

So, go on. Give mason jar sous vide cheesecakes a go. You will have plenty of support from other sous viders who have fallen in love with cooking delicious desserts in mason jars too. We know you will be scooping every last bit of the cheesecake from your jar and planning your next sous vide dessert cook before your dinner party guests ask for seconds.

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