Social up sous viders – 5 ways to use social media to up your sous vide cooking game

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Digital disruption is changing everything. Social media channels offer a really great way to connect with people who share common interests with you. The sous vide enthusiast community is no exception. Sous viders are super active on social media. Social up sous viders and up your cooking game.

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Maybe you are looking for a new sous vide recipe. Or perhaps you are after some hints on the best temp and time for cooking your sous vide ingredient of choice. Whatever you are looking for, social media has the power to up your sous vide cooking game.

Sous Vide Social Media tips

With a little research (which we have done for you!), your next sous vide cook will be improved as you tap into the sous vide community using social media. In this article we outline the best social channels, including the most popular keywords and hashtags to connect with sous vide enthusiasts around the world.

No matter the time in your country, someone somewhere in the world has a sous vide cook underway RIGHT NOW! So that gives you 24 hour access to other sous viders you can connect with day or night.

Here are some tips for using social media channels to enhance your sous vide cooking. Connect with other sous viders around the globe to learn more, share more and improve your sous vide cooking.

Don’t get overwhelmed with social media choices

If you dive into too many social channels, you are very likely to get overwhelmed. In this article we will share a whole range of social media channels you can use. But if you haven’t used any social accounts up until now, perhaps stick with one social media channel to start with.

Focus on the apps and channels that work best for you

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If you are an avid Facebook user, then perhaps joining a sous vide Facebook group is your best bet. If you love Instagram, then use a few of the most popular sous vide hashtags. Those hashtags will give you cooking inspiration.

Facebook for sous vide cooking

There are a couple of really popular Facebook groups for sous vide enthusiasts. One of the most popular pages is called Sous Vide Enthusiasts. If you would like to search further afield, just type in “sous vide cooking” in the Facebook search bar and see what comes up.

Once you join a Facebook group, don’t be shy. If you are not used to contributing in group forums, say that you are a “newbie” when you write your first post, response or question.

Sous Vide Pinterest page

Challenge yourself to become more active in the conversation by asking others questions and offering some of the hints or tips that have worked well for you. Sharing advice is always well received so don’t be afraid to offer your sous vide cooking experiences. 

There is another Public Group on Facebook called Exploring Sous Vide that you might want to check out as well.

There are lots of sous vide product company Facebook pages as well. For example, if you have the Anova sous vide precision cooker, then check out the Anova Culinary Facebook page. Some sous vide company Facebook pages are more active than others.

Twitter for sous vide cooking

Twitter offers delicious sous vide inspiration, with sous vide enthusiasts showcasing their sous vide meal creations frequently. You will find content overlaps with other social media channels so you may prefer to use sous vide hashtags on those platforms as opposed to following Twitter.

Sous Vide Hub Twitter page

In saying that, Twitter is a valuable source of information about upcoming sous vide events and training if those things float your boat. @CREAest1971 is a great resource for sous vide training courses.

AND Twitter makes almost anyone accessible….in real time. Famous chefs, cooking influencers and more. Here are some key cooks, food bloggers and sous vide influencers you may want to follow:

  • @Sous Vide Supreme
  • @chefholland
  • @sousvidetools
  • @seattlefoodgeek
  • @chefcmcdonald
  • @ssvajian

Alternatively just add #sousvide under Search and you can then toggle between the latest news, people, photos and videos to get your sous vide cooking hit.

Instagram for sous vide cooking

Early disclaimer: surfing sous vide Instagram posts can become addictive. We are constantly fighting the urge to reach right into some of the amazing pics we see daily, to get our share of the sous vide goodness being served up in homes and restaurants around the globe.

Sous Vide Hub Insta page

The best way hashtags to start with are: In our reviews below you will see a range of hashtags that are helpful for each brand:

  • @sousvidehub (that’s us!)
  • #sousvide
  • #sousvidecooking
  • #sousvidecook
  • #anovafoodnerd
  • #cookwithjoule
  • #anovaculinary
  • #sousvidesupreme

Popular people/sous vide product companies on Instagram

  • @Sveverything
  • Anova Culinary
  • sousvidesupreme
  • eatnomiku
  • sousveezy
  • jbsousvide
  • sousvidetools
  • sousvidenation

Pinterest for sous vide cooking

There is a massively active sous vide community on Pinterest. Of course we recommend that you check out our Pinterest page

Typing “sous vide recipes” in the Pinterest search bar will open your world to not only sous vide recipes, but hints, tips, temperature cooking guides and sous vide hacks galore. When you are looking for more specific recipes simple type the ingredient after the words “sous vide”. ie “sous vide chicken” for more ideas than you can shake a water bath at!

Digital cooking forums that offer sous vide inspiration galore 

Digital forums (also known as online forums) allow you to post and answer questions about all things sous vide. Sous vide enthusiasts regularly post questions that are on the tip of your tongue! Plus there is no better way to up your sous vide game than by being inspired cooking sous vide masterpieces.

Recipe on laptop in kitchen

Some sous vide brands are so popular that they have their own online forums. Anova Culinary and Joule by ChefSteps fall into this category.

Here are some sous vide forums that are up and running online:

  • Whirlpool
  • Reddit

There is a really large sous vide community on Reddit. As we have mentioned in other articles, sous vide enthusiasts go out of their way to answer all sorts of sous vide questions. It’s a great place to share your success stories and solve sous vide problems. Check out our article about sous vide online forums by clicking here.

Sous Vide YouTube channels

Yep. There is a Youtube channel dedicated to sous vide cooking. The most popular sous vide channel at the moment is called Sous Vide Everything. These guys are known for their super informative videos that showcase everything from sous vide machines themselves to experimenting with different ingredients and cooking techniques. Check out all of the Sous Vide Everything social channels, you will not be disappointed.

Conclusion – Sous Vide Social Shenanigans

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There has never been a better time to immerse yourself (sorry – cheesy pun!) in the sous vide cooking community. Social media channels make it easier than it has ever been to learn more about sous vide cooking and share your knowledge with home, private and commercial cooks all over the world.

Have you got any favorite sous vide social media channels? Post any hints and tips for the Sous Vide Hub community in the comments below.

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