Searzall Temperature – Why it’s perfect for sous vide cooking

Searzall temperature

The Searzall torch attachment is a popular sous vide tool to use with the Bernzomatic TS8000 Torch. It is commonly used to sear steaks at the end of your sous vide cook. Here, we take an in depth look at the Searzall temperature and why it is perfect for your sous vide cooking.

We have previously reviewed the Searzall torch attachment. If you would like to learn more about it and how it works, then feel free to click here.

Searzall termperature

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The Searzall torch attachment – a sous vide searing sensation

Here’s why the Searzall torch attachment is popular with sous viders who like to sear their steak before they serve it:

  • The heat is better dispersed than using a kitchen torch alone. which makes for a more even sear. Often a kitchen torch flame temperature is too intense and it’s target area is too small
  • It offers better control and less likelihood of burning your food as the heat/temperature is dispersed more evenly. It forces the thin flame of the blowtorch through two layers of fine, high-temperature-resistant wire mesh. This produces a consistent, evenly spread flame that provides a professional quality finish to meats and other food items
  • The flame across a wider area, disperses the radiant heat which is perfect for caramelizing and “tightening up” BBQ sauces and glazes
  • The dispersed more gentle heat creates a delicious, crispy crust
  • The Searzall temperature makes it great for use with other food items, not just for searing sous vide steaks. It is a great broiler so you can use it to melt cheese, toast bread, char vegetables and more. This is because the flame is more gentle than using a kitchen torch on its own
Searzall temperature

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Searzall temperature gripes

After a long sous vide cook you are pretty keen to get your meal on the table. But your patience needs to last a little longer. Whilst you benefit from the dispersed radiant heat and temperature, using the Searzall torch attachment is slow going. Whilst it looks super powerful, the reality is that it is a bit of a slow process to sear your sous vide steak  The good news is that the longer searing time creates a restaurant quality, delicious crust!

The other gripe that sous viders have is that the unit itself gets extremely hot. Whilst your steak benefits from the dispersed radiant heat, the unit itself becomes super hot when you are using it. This means it is still hot when you finish using it. We strongly recommend you use a “squat” gas cylinder with the Searzall as narrow, thin cylinders are prone to tip over. This would be a disaster with the Searzall. The extreme temperature can be a danger to you and your counter tops if you do not handle it correctly after use.

So there you have it. There are pros and cons of the Searzall temperature for your sous vide cooking. The positive aspects of using its heat/temperature to finish off your sous vide steak do seem to outweigh the gripes for most sous viders. If you are looking to create a restaurant quality sous vide seared steak, keep the Searzall torch attachment in mind.

We’d love to hear what you think. Leave a comment in the section below telling us about your Searzall experience.

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