Xpert’s Flame Kitchen Torch

The Xpert’s Flame Kitchen Torch is a butane gas kitchen blow torch that is very useful to finish off a range of sous vide foods. You can use it to sear sous vide steaks and to caramelize sous vide creme brulees and other delicious sous vide desserts. You can even char the top of your sous vide fish dishes. Finishing off sous vide foods with a blow torch gives them a professional restaurant quality look and taste.

Two free bonus inclusions:

  • A free torch stand to keep everything neat and orderly
  • Two free e-book download links to e-books with delicious BBQ and dessert recipes (Please note that these are not sous vide specific recipes)
  • 100% 90 day satisfaction or your money back guarantee

Check out our article Ready for some serious heat- Using blow torches to finish off your sous vide meat to learn more about the many benefits of using a kitchen torch to finish off your sous vide meal.



Xpert’s Flame Kitchen Torch Details and Specifications:

  • Culinary torch designed to make the life of both professional and home cooks easier
  • Easy-to-use design with a powerful flame with an adjustable gas flow regulator to suit any sous vide food type
  • Window gauge that shows you how much gas remains 
  • Equipped with a safety button that locks the ignition 
  • An ergonomic handle that is lightweight so it is easy to hold 

Butane gas not included.

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