Wancle Sous Vide Water Balls – Pack of 250

Sous vide cooking requires an accurate time and temperature. These Wancle Sous Vide water balls minimize the effect of heat loss and water evaporation. The small sized balls (20mm or 0.79 inches) cover the surface of your sous vide water bath. The balls act as a flexible spatial layer blanket that insulates your container. This means that your water bath temperature holds at a steady temperature. And that means smaller electricity bills for you too.

To learn more about the many benefits of using sous vide water balls as part of your sous vide cooking, click here.



Wancle Sous Vide water balls details and specifications:

  • Food grade material: 100% BPA free, made with food-safe material polyethylene ensuring the health of your family 
  • Comes with a mesh drying bag so the water balls are very convenient to dry and store after use
  • Reusable
  • Easy for you to clean and dry which helps prevent bacteria and chemical corrosion
  • Compatible with sous vide containers of all shapes and sizes and conforms with most cookware. Superior to static lids as you can use the water balls with a range of sous vide containers
  • Satisfaction guarantee: if you are not happy with these sous vide water balls for any reason, you can return them in the original packaging for a complete refund with a 30 day easy return policy through Amazon

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