SM@RTY 300 Sous Vide Water Balls + 4 clips + dry bag

There is a lot to like about sous vide water balls. Simply fill your water bath in any type of container (pot, food grade plastic container etc) with SM@RTY Sous Vide Balls to form an instant heat blanket.

Sous vide water balls help your sous vide cook in a few different ways:

  1. They reduce evaporation. If you have a long sous vide cook on the go you don’t have to get up in the middle of the night to put more water in your water bath
  2. They help you maintain a consistent water temperature. We all know that this is super important for successful sous vide cooking
  3. They reduce your electricity bill. Because you are reducing loss of heat from your water bath, your electricity bill will be less scary

Many sous viders love to use water containers with lids instead of water balls. But if you are likely use a range of different sized water baths for your sous vide cooking, water balls are more versatile.

Head to our recent article to learn more about sous vide water balls including tips before buying them by clicking here.


SM@RTY Sous Vide Water Balls + Clips Package Details and Specifications:

  • Food grade balls that are 20mm in diameter
  • Premium quality 100% BPA free polyethylene to ensure healthy and safe cooking for your family
  • This pack comes with a dry mesh bag and 4 clips
  • Simply dry and store your water balls in the drawstring mesh bag after each use
  • Use the 4 clips to anchor your food pouches during your sous vide cook
  • SM@RTY lifetime guarantee which is always a good sign that the company is standing behind their product

Suitable for Anova, ChefSteps Joule, Sansaire, Nomiku, Gourmia Immersion Circulator

Suitable to be used with any pots or water containers no matter how big or small. They work well with any sous vide water baths including those that are made with stainless steel, plastic or ceramic.