NutriChef Commercial Grade Sous Vide Immersion Circulator

Tired of bulky and difficult to hold sous vide precision cookers? Then this compact immersion circulator could be for you. This sous vide precision cooker from Nutrichef has a durable mount clip which attaches to pretty much any pot or water vessel.

The reviewer community for the NutriChef Immersion Circulator is small. Sous Vide Hub has not been able to source enough reviews at this stage, to comment with any level of confidence about the performance of the NutriChef.

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NutriChef Commercial Grade Sous Vide Immersion Circulator details and specifications:

  • Control the temperature while cooking. The built-in thermostat and the temperature control ensures perfect cooking at all times. Prepare tender, rich in flavor food that is never overcooked
  • Compatible with all deep pots. It is easy for you to attach and detach it
  • Digital LCD screen displays temperature and time
  • Premium quality stainless steel stick
  • Resilient ABS handle

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