Nomiku Immersion Circulator WiFi 1100 watts

Immersion Circulator process – Clip to side of pot or container | Set water temperature | Cook sealed food in water bath | Sear/pan fry/blow torch food | Serve  

If you love new technology in cooking gadgets then you should consider the Nomiku Sous Vide Immersion Circulator for your sous vide cooking. The Nomiku is WiFi connected. So that means you can precisely control the temperature of your sous vide water bath from your smart phone…when you are not at home. That’s right. You just need an internet connection—your home’s native WiFi or otherwise to connect to your Nomiku.

As with all other sous vide precision cookers, the Nomiku immersion circulator can be clipped onto the side of any pot or larger polycarbonate container you choose to use as your water bath.

To learn more about sous vide immersion circulators with WiFi connectivity, click here.


Nomiku Immersion Circulator Details and Specifications:

  • The Nomiku Immersion Circulator is WiFi-connected (check out our recent blog post to better understand how WiFi sous vide immersion circulators work) 
  • 1,100 watts (that’s powerful by the way)
  • You can precisely controls your water bath temperature from your smart phone
  • Works simply with the turn of a knob to set the water temperature
  • You can control your cook from anywhere with the EatTender app on your smart phone. So you can monitor your meal throughout the day where ever you are 
  • Allows you to create and send recipes directly to the Nomiku immersion circulator from your smart phone
  • Can be attached to any pot. Simply add water, place your ingredients in a vacuum or zip-seal bag, pop it in the water bath and press “Start”
  • Compact size so it fits easily in your kitchen drawer
  • Made in the USA

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