Iwatani PRO2 Culinary Butane Torch

If you are on a bit of a budget, the Iwatani Culinary Butane Torch is a decent kitchen torch option to finish off your sous vide meals with. It’s fast and easy to use with adjustable flame size and shape to concentrate the perfect flame. This is important as you will want different flame strengths and shapes depending on what you are searing or finishing off.

The one touch piezo ignition is designed for quick and easy start up. The safety plate ensures the Iwatani butane torch won’t topple over wreaking havoc on your countertops or floor. Or more importantly, ruining your sous vide meal masterpiece!

It’s backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty which is always a great sign of a company that stands behind its product.






Iwatani PRO2 Culinary Butane Torch Details and Specifications:

  • The Iwatani PRO2 Culinary butane torch is easy to use butane torch. It has an adjustable flame size and shape so you can concentrate the flame as much or as little as you need, one touch piezo ignition, and stabilizing plate for your safety
  • Perfect for searing your sous vide steak, charring vegetables, glazing ham, browning and crisping toppings, melting cheese and of course producing the sugary crust on top of a sous vide crème brulee
  • Portable so it’s easy to take with you on the road 
  • With the easy to replace butane canister so you’ll always have butane on hand without the fuss of refilling – just twist and it locks in place (butane not included)
  • Super high power 6300BTU unit which gives you a much higher maximum temperature when compared to its kitchen torch competitors
  • Made in Japan

Don’t forget to order your Iwatani Butane Canister 8 Oz 3 Pack as well. This does not come with the torch. 

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