Gourmia GSV900 Sous Vide Water Oven

The 8.5 liter interior easily accommodates up to a dozen pouches. That means 12 separate dishes can be made simultaneously in this compact sous vide oven while maintaining their separate and distinct flavors.

Thanks to its exclusive Set & Forget ACT System, the entire water oven interior maintains the exact temperature you selected on the easy to use, backlit control panel.

Comes with stainless steel rack and a free recipe book.

Create restaurant quality meat, poultry, fish and more. See the key sous vide cooking benefits by clicking here



  • Completely control the cooking process with precise temperature and circulation control
  • Features compact design with stay cool exterior, easy read display, customizable temperature settings and ultra quiet operation
  • The gentle cooking method means that even delicate foods like salmon can be cooked for hours, leaving ample time for flavors to penetrate
  • Can be recalibrated for accuracy
  • Included rack capacity: 12 vacuum sealed food pouches can be cooked at the same time
  • Capacity: 10 Qt