Forsous Sous Vide Water Balls – Pack of 300

These Forsous sous vide water balls are designed to prevent heat and water loss while sous vide cooking. The water balls create a blanket of insulation in any open container, reducing heat loss by up to 80% and evaporation by up to 90%. These sous vide water balls eliminate the need to repeatedly add water to your water bath when you are cooking over a long period of time. This is very often the case with sous vide cooking.

These water balls are safe up to 220°F and fit pots and containers of any shape and size. Each pack has about 300 balls which is usually enough for your home sous vide cooking.

To learn more about the benefits of sous vide water balls click here


Forsous Sous Vide Water Ball Details and Specifications:

  • These polypropylene balls are lightweight with a very hard and smooth surface which helps prevent bacteria and chemical corrosion
  • Fit any shapes and sizes pot or container. With around 300 balls in each pack they will cover your water bath from corner to corner with 1 or 2 layers
  • They reduce fumes and splashing hazards which means you don’t need to find perfectly fitting lids that suit your sous vide water bath
  • Easy to clean and dry. The water balls come with a mesh bag. Simply wash and air dry and then store in the drawstring mesh bag included after each use

Material: 100% BPA free polyethylene
Diameter of each ball: 20mm
Weight of one pack: 0.5kg
Quantity of one pack: about 300 count

To learn more about the benefits of sous vide water balls click here

Package includes
1 x pack Sous Vide Water Balls (Each pack contains around 300 balls of 20mm diameter)
1 x mesh bag

100% BPA FREE: Made of food-safe polyethylene, non-toxic and able to withstand continuous working temperatures of 99° C (210°F).