PolyScience Sous Vide Immersion Circulators

The PolyScience range of Sous Vide Immersion Circulators

PolyScience has become a leading global force in sous vide cooking and innovative culinary technology. The company has been in operation since 1963 and started to collaborate with chefs in 2003 to develop their range of sous vide machines. The PolyScience sous vide immersion circulators include models that suit the casual cooking researcher, right through to experienced chefs working in commercial kitchens of high volume restaurants.

PolyScience Classic Series Commercial Immersion Circulator

Credit: PolyScience Culinary

The PolyScience range of immersion circulators has been specifically designed for the demands of commercial kitchens. They are built to a commercial grade and they are professional chef worthy in design.


PolyScience has received three bronze Inter­national Design Excellence Awards from the Industrial Designers Society of America. Click here to read more about the award.

Is sous vide cooking for lazy cooks and chefs?

Let us say something from the outset. Some chefs say that they think sous vide cooking is a “lazy” technique. But that view is certainly not a shared opinion amongst all professional chefs. A significant number of cooking icons have embraced sous vide cooking techniques in their commercial kitchens around the globe. There is another misconception that sous vide cooking doesn’t allow you to connect with your food. But in fact, sous vide cooking is a cooking method that respects the food as it seals in the food’s natural flavor.

As you will see below, there are a number of immersion circulators in the PolyScience range. This gives professional chefs plenty of options depending on their specific needs and the frequency of use. The Chef Series is well priced for chefs who don’t have the budget for the more expensive models in the PolyScience range. Some of these models are definitely overkill for the average home cook. The Creative series is the model that is recommended for home cooks to consider.

Why should private and commercial chefs seriously consider the PolyScience Sous Vide Professional Immersion Circulator range

The PolyScience range of immersion circulators:

  • Heat up more quickly than other sous vide immersion circulators
  • Take up less space than a sous vide water oven in your kitchen
  • Provides consistency of results in the meals that go out to your customers
  • Produces food that is juicy and flavorsome (there is something a misconception that sous vide cooking compromises flavor)
  • Helps with a larger customer load eg. during a brunch service let’s say you cook eggs. The eggs will not get too cold or be prone to under or over cooking. This will save you time and effort
  • Cook error is minimized. No more overseeing cooks who forget to take something out of the oven for example




Credit: PolyScience Culinary

The PolyScience sous vide immersion circulator range

PolyScience offers the following immersion circulators:

CHEF Series

CREATIVE Series Sous Vide Immersion Circulator

CLASSIC Series Sous Vide Commercial Immersion Circulator

300 Series Chamber Vacuum Sealer



Many sous viders like the PolyScience immersion circulator range for some of the following reasons:

  • Compact and easy to use
  • Powerful and consistent circulation
  • Temperature precision and uniformity throughout the water bath
  • Flexible clamp that attaches to almost any pot or container you use as your water bath
  • Easy to store when not in use (comes with a handy carry bag)
  • Quality stainless steel housing
  • Easy to read large screen that is back lit for easy viewing
  • Water flow can be regulated for more delicate ingredients (such as fish and eggs for example)

What about the cons?

Credit: PolyScience Culinary

There are a few trade offs of the PolyScience range when compared with other immersion circulators you can buy:

  • The cost will certainly be inhibitive for some. The price point for the PolyScience range is certainly much higher than say the Joules, Anova and SousVide Supreme sous vide machines. Of course the trade off here is that the PolyScience range is made with quality materials and parts which in theory, should mean years of sous vide cooking
  • Many of the PolyScience machines are heavier than other smaller immersion circulators. This makes it tricky to transport from place to place (if you like to take your sous vide machine with you when you travel). Of course it is less likely to be an issue for chefs who plan to keep the machine in their commercial kitchen permanently
  • The range can certainly chew through the power. Though its 1100-watt heating element is no higher than other sous vide circulators, the high flow rate enables this machine to quickly heat water and maintain precise temperatures

There are a couple of good YouTube videos available that provide more information about PolyScience and their products. The first clip is pretty short but you will need a little more time for the second clip.

The Sous Vide Revolution

Sous Vide Professional, An Introduction


The PolyScience Immersion Circulators come with:

  • A carry bag
  • A cookbook


Credit: PolyScience Culinary

So, is the PolyScience sous vide immersion circulator for you?

We would have to say that we think the PolyScience range is most suited to those working in commercial kitchens. And this is certainly the target market for PolyScience. So for all the chefs out there, we think that this range of immersion circulators should be on your shortlist. The series you consider will depend on the size of your kitchen and the volume of food you cook regularly.  If you are a home cook and you are a serious and frequent sous vider, then it might be worth exploring the PolyScience Creative range further.

How to find more PolyScience immersion circulator reviews and feedback

There are a few ways to get more reliable reviewer feedback. This includes:

  • Looking at the reviewer feedback on the PolyScience website
  • Searching through relevant cooking threads on reddit. Click here to see a thread/conversation to give you an idea of the sort of detailed feedback you can get from the sous vide reddit community
  • Searching for hash tags #polyscience and #polysciencesousvide on Instagram. This is a great source of feedback because people often post photos and short videos of themselves using the PolyScience range. You can easily reach out in the Comments section to ask what their thoughts are on the immersion circulator they are using.

Here’s a quick 3.5 minutes Youtube clip with an overview of the benefits of having a sous vide machine in a commercial kitchen

If you have a little more time on your hands, check out this chef showing you how to sous vide halibut and beef tenderloin (approx run time of 10 minutes). Please note: PolyScience range not used in the Youtube clip below):

To see a range of Sous Vide Hub reviews on sous vide products, click here

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