Measuring up your sous wide water oven – Will it fit?

sous vide water oven fit benchtop

Before buying a Sous Vide Oven, you might wonder whether it will fit in your available kitchen space. Will every sous vide water oven fit in your kitchen?

Measure it up

sous vide water oven fit benchtop

When it comes to sous vide products, size matters. This is especially true if you are going to purchase a sous vide water oven. You need to make sure you have enough room on your benchtop for the sous vide water oven you are going to purchase as well as enough spare bench space for meal preparation.

The dimensions and layout of every kitchen is different. Just because you see a photo of a sous vide water oven on another benchtop, that looks like it will leave plenty of additional bench space, photos can be deceiving.

We encourage you to source the dimensions (or what we call the “foot print”) of the sous vide water oven you are thinking of buying. Measure out those dimensions (ie width, length and height) of the sous vide water oven on a piece of paper (or a couple of pieces of paper combined if the unit is larger than a standard A4 piece of paper). Cut that shape out and physically put it on your bench. See if it leaves enough room for meal preparation and any other kitchen appliances you may already have on your benchtop.

You might also want to check the cut out paper in your cupboard as well. Is there a spot available for the water oven in your cupboard? Is that on a shelf that will allow you to get it in and out of the cupboard easily? This is really important if you plan to put your sous vide water oven away between uses.

Here are 4 other tips for placement of your sous vide water oven in your kitchen:

  1. Consider putting it near your sink. This way, you can easily fill it with water before use and empty it out easily afterwards as well
  2. Some sous vide water ovens get warm. Consider putting something under the water oven to protect your bench surface. A trivet or some other form of bench protector mat will do the trick
  3. Consider the length of the cord that comes with your sous vide oven. You  will need to find a place for it on your bench within easy reach of a power point
  4. Make sure you check the weight of the sous vide water oven as well. If you plan to put it away between uses, you need to be able to carry it to your cupboard without hurting your back (some of these units can be very heavy)

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