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Gourmia Sous Vide Range Round Up post

Welcome to the wonderful world of sous vide cooking. If you are new to this cooking technique, welcome to the super supportive sous vide community across the globe!

If you are already sold on the benefits of sous vide cooking, we are glad you are here to learn more about the Gourmia sous vide applicance range specifically.

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This article focuses on the Gourmia sous vide immersion circulator and sous vide water oven range. You will note that the brand refers to its immersion circulators as “pods”.

This is just another name for a sous vide machine and is often used interchangeably with the terms immersion circulator or precision cooker.

They all do the same thing – cook ingredients with restaurant quality results EVERY TIME.

Gourmia sous vide cooking range

The Gourmia sous vide cooking appliance range includes:

Gourmia Sous Vide GSV130 Digital Sous Vide Pod Immersion

Gourmia Sous Vide GSV138

This model comes with a timer and touch sensor digital control and LCD display

Gourmia Sous Vide GSV140

Gourmia Sous Vide GSV150

Gourmia Sous Vide GSV550

Gourmia Sous Vide GSV650

Gourmia GSV550 and GSV900 10 quart Sous Vide Water Ovens

The Gourmia GSV550 9 quart sous vide water oven and the GSV900 10 quart sous vide water ovens are an all in one solution for your sous vide cooking. The Gourmia GSV water ovens look like this:

Photo credit: Amazon

There are not as many self contained sous vide water ovens on the market. These models sits in the same category as the PolyScience sous vide water ovens and the Sous Vide Supreme sous vide water ovens.

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The Gourmia models are markedly cheaper than both PolyScience and SousVide Supreme appliances and are great for home cooking.

The PolyScience and Sous Vide Supreme sous vide machine ranges have a commercial application as well which makes them a more expensive proposition for the home cook.

How to use the Gourmia sous vide Immersion Circulator

Simply clip the Gourmia sous vide pod onto the side of your pot or container. You can place it inside any deep heat proof container.

Photo credit: Gourmia GSV115 via Amazon

It will then create 360 degree water circulation to maintain an even and gentle water heat for your food to cook in.

Gourmia sous vide and WiFi

As with one of the sous vide immersion circulator market leaders, Anova, the WiFi version of the Gourmia sous vide pod does come with some issues.

Some sous vide enthusiasts who have tested the WiFi model say that connecting your device to the app can be a little flaky. This is certainly not what you want in your sous vide pod.

If new kitchen tech doesn’t float your boat, then you are probably best to stick with the Gourmia models that don’t require a WiFi connection to work. You will save a few dollars and be less frustrated to boot if you run into any tech issues during your sous vide cooking.

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Gourmia sous vide celcius to fahrenheit

When you press the power button and the set button together, you can choose between Celsius or Fahrenheit.

How to start the Gourmia sous vide immersion circulator

The one touch Power button is all you need to turn your Gourmia sous vide pod on:

Place a finger on the left button for 5 or so seconds
Touch both buttons to change from C. to F
Touch left button to start machine
Set temp with wheel
When bath is up to temp. it will beep 3 times every few seconds
Touch rt. button for a few seconds to stop beeper and start the timer

How to clean Gourmia sous vide precision cookers

Your Gourmia sous vide pod never actually touches your food (given that is in vacuum sealed or ziploc bags in your water bath. That means that cleaning your precision cooker is super easy and can just be wiped down with a microfiber cloth or towel.

Do not put your Gourmia sous vide pod in your dishwasher.

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Gourmia sous vide troubleshooting

There are some common questions amongst sous vide enthusiasts who own the Gourmia that we thought would be helpful to address here. So here goes.

Why can’t I turn on my Gourmia Sous Vide?

If your Gourmia sous vide pod won’t turn on, double check the power cord and outlet for proper plug use, check the power cord for tears or frays. If the cord is damaged, don’t use your sous vide pod. A third troubleshooting option is to turn the power button on for a 5 second duration.

What are the high and low water marks for the Gourmia?

This will vary depending on whether you are using the Gourmia sous vide pods with your own pots and containers as your water bath or an all in one Gourmia machine.

There is a minimum amount of water (eg say 3 inches) you need in your water bath for your Gourmia sous vide pod to work and a maximum amount of water (eg say 6 inches).

Check the ranges carefully so that you purchase a sous vide machine that is perfect for your cooking needs.

How thick a container can the clip manage?

It can manage up to an inch in thickness.

Why isn’t the water circulating in my water bath?

Circulation is essential for your Gourmia sous vide pod to work its magic. So if it stops circulating the water in your water bath, it is a problem.

Why isn’t my Gourmia heating up?

There are a number of reasons why your Gourmia sous vide may not be working including:

  • A faulty cord
  • Moisture has got into the heating unit
  • The water level has reduced to below the minimal level in your water bath (an alarm will sound if this is the case)

My Gourmia sous vide won’t stop beeping. What do I do?

Your Gourmia has an alarm that will beep when your water gets to the required temperature to put your sealed bag of food into. You then hold down the SET button for 2 seconds to mute the alarm.

An alarm will also beep at the end of your set cooking time. Again, to mute the alarm, hold down the SET button for 2 seconds.

Photo credit: Gourmia GSV138 via Amazon

It is important to note that the alarm that signals your cooking time has ended will not automatically turn your sous vide immersion circulator off. This is a good system – if it did shut down at that time, and you cannot get to your water bath quickly, you could end up having some food safety issues.

An alarm also beeps if the water level goes below the minimum amount required to make the Gourmia sous vide pod to operate.

My Gourmia sous vide is loud. Can I turn it down?

The sound of the water turning in your water bath should sound slightly louder than a fish tank heater.

Some people suggest that it can get very noisy as the water runs low and an alarm goes off if it drops below the minimum so you then know you need to top it up.

How do I set the temperature on my Gourmia sous vide?

The way to set the temperature on your Gourmia sous vide pod is different for each model. At the end of this article we have included all of the manuals we could find so that you can access the information you need depending on the model you have purchased.

Common Error Messages on Gourmia sous vide pods

E02 – Thermostat error and it needs to be repaired. You will need to contact customer support for assistance.

E05 – Check the water level to ensure it hasn’t gone below the minimum indicated water level. Turn off the device and fill to the required water level before restarting your sous vide pod

E06 – water or steam has gotten into the control panel and it must be completely dried
out for 48 hours. Some suggest turning it off, setting it on its side and letting it dry out for at least 48 hours

People who own the Gourmia sous vide pod say that the buttons can be super responsive. Try to use a soft touch rather than a firm press each time you use a button.

How does the Gourmia sous vide pod timer work?

The unit comes with 2 times. SET time and WORK time. Work time can’t be set. you set the SET time for how long the cook is going to be. When the water reaches the proper temp, you press the SET button and the WORK time starts counting up until it reaches the SET time.

Gourmia sous vide recipes

Gourmia offer a range of recipes on their website. Click here to see their sous vide recipe collection.

Most sous vide recipes can be adapted for different sous vide  immersion circulators although we recognise that it is easier to work with recipes that are specifically for Gourmia sous vide pods.

Should my Gourmia sit on the bottom of my container?

Yes. It is perfectly fine if this happens.

Gourmia sous vide or Anova sous vide?

It’s always difficult comparing a market leader to other sous vide immersion circlulators. Anova Culinary produce the Anova Precision Cooker Nano, the Anova Precision Cooker WiFi + Bluetooth and the Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker – 800 watts.

Photo credit: Anova Culinary Precision Cooker Nano via Amazon

Generally speaking, the Anova sous vide precision cookers are more expensive than the Gourmia sous vide pods. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find a bargain every now and again on the Anova.

The customer support, recipe library and sous vide community are more advanced for the Anova range of immersion circulators. So if you are after more than just the kitchen toy, Anova has that advantage.

Gourmia sous vide app

The Gourmia GSV150 comes with WiFi capabilities (as outlined in our earlier section), and it also comes with an app. However users are not raving about the app.

Whilst it is functional and you can use your phone to start, stop and monitor your sous vide cook, it doesn’t provide a seamless app user experience like the ChefSteps app which is provided with the Joule precision cooker.

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In saying this, the Gourmia GSV150 is often markedly cheaper than the other WiFi enabled sous vide immersion circulators if you are really keen to take advantage of this new cooking tech toy innovation.

Gourmia sous vide steak

Given sous vide cooking let’s you hold food at a set temperature, it is perfect for cooking steaks. Yes, lip smacking, succulent steaks with restaurant quality results every time.

In researching how Gourmia sous viders love to cook their steaks, here’s what we’ve found:

Cook your steaks @ 112 for 90 minutes or so. If the timing is a little off, and you pull them out late, it is really no big deal. Grab a cast iron skillet, or grill, “crazy hot”. Put the steak in the pan for 2 1/2 minutes flip it, put a probe thermometer in the center and cook for another 2 minutes.

If you like your steaks just under medium rare, shoot for 128 to 130 degrees. The heat from the pan brings then up to temperature.

Of course steak “doneness” is a very personal thing. But this gives you a place to start if you are a Gourmia sous vider and steak lover!

Gourmia sous vide filet mignon

Here is a sous vide filet mignon recipe YouTube clip for all the steak lovers out there who own the Gourmia GSV140 Sous Vide immersion circulator

Gourmia sous vide container

The Cambro 18 qt. Food Storage container from Amazon or a kitchen supply store is a great container for the Gourmia sous vide GSV130. The container has a lip meant for a lid that the unit clips securely on to. Then cover the Cambro with plastic wrap which works better than aluminum foil.

Alternatively purchase a custom lid (outlined below) if your budget allows.

Gourmia sous vide lid

Sous viders who cook for a cast of thousands (yes, sorry that’s a little OTT but you know what we mean) often invest in a large container to be their sous vide water bath.

Why? Because it allows you to cook a bucket load of food at once. The sous vide containers on the market are complimented by a range of lids that have a cut out for your Gourmia sous vide cooker.

PC: Amazon

Here’s what the lid looks like. It fits the Gourmia GSV 130, GSV 140 and GSV 150 sous vide cookers. It holds your sous vide cooker in place for the whole cook AND ensures that you don’t lose any of the heat in your water bath. Clever!

These lids fit securely on Rubbermaid containers including the 12, 18 and 22 quart containers.

Gourmia sous vide 130 vs 140

The GSV130 immersion pod is Gourmia’s first generation sous vide immersion circulator. The GSV 140 is a newer pod but the GSV130 still holds up against it quite well. The GSV130 packs a punch with 1200 watts of power to warm up your water bath pretty quickly. The GSV140 does have a sleeker look and feel and is not that much more expensive than the GSV130 so if you have the cash to splash, this could be a good option for you.

The Gourmia GSV130 can move 1.5 gallons of water and the GSV140 can move 2.1 GPM which means you can cook in a water bath filled with 10 gallons of water. That surely appeals to those of you looking to cook up some fairly large food quantities at the one time.

Gourmia sous vide bags

Any vacuum sealed bags can be used with any sous vide immersion circulator and water bath. And in some instances sous vide enthusiasts prefer to use ziploc bags instead.

Photo credit: Gourmia vac bag set of accessories

It is always important to use 100% BPA free plastic bags that are sturdy enough to hold your ingredients without breaking during your sous vide cook.

Photo credit: Gourmia Replacement Bags set via Amazon

Gourmia has released their own line of bags but as we have said, you can use any bags from any quality suppliers.

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Gourmia sous vide cookbook

OK so there are no specific cookbooks on the market that are specifically written for the Gourmia sous vide range.

In saying that, many sous vide enthusiasts use the myriad of sous vide recipe books available and adapt the recipes as required for their Gourmia sous vide pods.

Gourmia Manuals for the various models

GSV130T Manual

GSV130I Digital Manual

GSV138 Manual

GSV140 Manual

GSV150 with WiFi Manual

GSV550 Manual

So there you have it folks. A round up of the Gourmia sous vide cooking appliance range. There is something here for everyone who is looking to up their sous vide cooking game.

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