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Sous Vide Hub Review EVERIE sous vide rack

Sous vide cooking requires you to submerge food pouches into a water bath over a long period of time at low heat. In this style of cooking, keeping your food pouches is essential for even cooking of your ingredients. Some people invest in vacuum sealers to ensure that their food pouches contain absolutely no air. Others rely on what is called the water disbursement method.

Everie Weighted Sous Vide Rack side shot

Credit: EVERIE Weighted Sous Vide Rack via Amazon

The advent of the sous vide rack has really come about because it can be tricky to keep your food pouches apart of your water bath. Whether you use a saucepan, pot or larger polycarbonate container, it is important that water flows freely through your water bath. A sous vide rack assists with this.

How a sous vide rack works

Sous viding anything including steaks or chops means you need to put them in bags, seal the tops and submerge them in your water bath. By slipping your food pouches into the slots of a rack you ensure that your food pouches stay apart.

The sous vide rack also ensures they stay upright and when using zip lock bags there is no chance of the zips leaking, because the rack keeps the zip part above the water. It also allows you to cook more food at one time, since the water can circulate around and between the bags.

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It’s generally a bad idea to let your food pouches float around freely in your sous vide water bath because:

  • Floating to the water surface means you will get uneven cooking
  • Bags can get stuck in your sous vide immersion circulator intake

EVERIE Weighted Sous Vide Rack Divider | 7 Stainless Steel Dividers

This model made by EVERIE promises no more wobbly dividers and a “vertical mount of the dividers stop any horizontal vibration”. This model has a 18/8 stainless steel base and dividers and a holder clip which is made of BPA free nylon.

Credit: Amazon

This EVERIE sous vide rack is compatible with Everie 12 Qt sous vide containers and all pots or containers bigger.

Frequently Asked Questions about this EVERIE weighted sous vide rack divider

What size container can I use with the EVERIE sous vide rack?

Containers, pots and saucepans vary in size. But generally speaking you should be able to use this rack with any container that is 12 quarts and up (although we have seen that some sous viders have used it with an 8 quart container). It is likely to be too small to use with 6 quarter water baths.

Be sure to measure your pot on the inside before purchasing to make sure that it will fit in your specific pot, water container, saucepan, igloo or sink

Does this fit the Cambro 12 quarter with corner Everie lid for Anova?

Yes it does.

Does this fit the 12 quart Everie stainless steel sous vide pot?

Yes it does.

What are the dimensions of the EVERIE sous vide rack?

The rack base is 6.25 ” X 7.25″ and the dividers are 5.25″ high.

How much does this sous vide rack weigh?

The total product weighs 22 oz, the 2 weights weigh 5.3 oz each.

How do you keep items from floating up? Do you need to clip bags to the rack?

You can adjust the size so that the racks squeeze hold the bag. However some people also have metal clips for small cooks to stop their sous vide racks from floating.

The flexible plastic rack (made of PA, FDA approved, BPA free) is able to bend, if you put the items between two of them narrowly, to ensure the items stay in place. So no additional clips required to keep items under your water bath.
Can the sides of the rack be removed?
Yes they can.

Pros of the EVERIE weighted sous vide rack divider

  • Fits EVERIE bases perfectly (PROVIDE LINK). It can also be used when you have an EVERIE lid on your pot
  • It does not interfere with the temp flux of the circulator
  • The dividers are fully adjustable
  • Fits nicely in two thirds of the Everie sous vide cooking container for Anova
  • Width is easily adjustable by moving the inner plastic racks which mount securely

Everie Weighted sous vide rack with carrots and Joule sous vide

Cons of the EVERIE weighted sous vide rack divider

  • The metal end pieces of the rack are a little wobbly and can fall out
  • The precision of manufacturing is not great such that each divider has a different degree of stickiness to the base. Some people have reported that some dividers are loose, some are tight and some are very tight
  • The rack divider includes a plastic base, 2 stainless racks and a number of plastic racks. Everything works well however some sous viders have commented that they feel quality and durability is lacking
  • All but two of the partitions are plastic
  • The rack does not come with instructions and is a little fiddly to figure out how to work initially
  • For larger vegetables (e.g. artichokes) the metal weights still aren’t enough to keep food pouches/bags submerged (even in vacuum sealed bags.) So for bigger vegetables you may require something else to weigh it down
  • There’s no handle so be careful when pulling it out of hot water
  • It does not come with a rod across the top. Some sous viders use a knife to keep their food pouches from floating to the top of their water bath.

Should I get the weighted sous vide rack version or non weighted version?

It really depends on what you cook most. Most sous viders who cook heavy steaks don’t seem to have any problem with this unit when it comes to floating food bags or pouches. Those who are likely to be most affected are those that cook with vegetables which can have a propensity to float.

Hints and tips from sous viders who have experience with the EVERIE weighted sous vide rack divider

Tip 1. Opting for the weighted side pieces to keep the rack weighted down works well, especially if you are going to use it for sous vide vegetables and other items that you have found floated in the past
Tip 2. Consider also using small versions of husky office paperclips so the pouches stay in the rack. This means you will have no floating, no drifting and you can lift everything out in one motion when the cook is done.
Tip 3. If you lift out the filled rack rather than just the pouches, have a towel at hand to absorb all the water.
Everie Weighted Sous Vide rack side view

Credit: EVERIE weighted sous vide rack via Amazon

Tip 4. If you like cooking for larger groups, buy a larger container (like the popular 12-quart Rubbermaid) and another rack so you can use it’s full length for your sous vide cooking.
Tip 5. To give you an indication of size, this sous rack is the perfect size for 5 NY Strips
Tip 6. This rack fits perfectly in the ever-popular Rubbermaid 12-qt container and Anova in the corner. If you have the hinged lid for this container, this rack fits the half-opened side (turn the rack on its side).
Tip 7. Be sure to measure your pot on the inside before purchasing to make sure that it will fit in your specific pot, water container, saucepan, igloo or sink
Tip 8. This rack fits the Rubbermaid 12-qt container with an Anova 900-watt sous vide mounted in an Everie lid
Tip 9. It’s useful to make the rack tight enough to sit around your food bag/pouch to ensure they don’t float to the surface of your water bath

Review Conclusion – EVERIE weighted sous vide rack divider

In general, we like the idea of sous vide racks. They are a useful (but not essential) device to up your sous vide cooking convenience. But there are a couple of things to pay particular attention to with this particular brand and model.

The first is that it is not made with just stainless steel, The design incorporates plastic as well and if you are already feeling a little guilty about using plastic bags as your food pouches, then this may be a show stopper for you.

Secondly, it doesn’t sound as though the quality of the product has been completely nailed just yet. Of course if your item arrives broken, you should always seek a replacement. But it is a little concerning that some sous viders are suggesting that the pieces of the rack itself sometimes don’t click seamlessly and robustly into place.

Finally, once you start cooking and your food shrinks and your food bags/pouches can sometimes then float. So a bar across the top of the rack would be a nice touch. You can overcome this by placing a stainless steel knife or similar over the top of the rack if you are happy to work with a sous vide hack!

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