Cool gifts for the sous vider in your life this Christmas

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SOVIDA CONTAINER SLEEVE featured earlier in this week’s Instagram feed.  

See more awesome sous vide gift ideas in the article below.

Looking for cool gifts for that special someone in your life this Christmas? If you have a sous vide cooking lover amongst your family and friends already, you will know that they are OBSESSED. And if you don’t, create a culinary genius by gifting sous vide machines and accessories this Christmas.

christmas tree

Once home cooks and chefs (private and commercial) discover sous vide cooking, they begin a life long sous vide cooking journey with no end of experiments to explore.

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Here’s our ultimate guide to bringing Christmas sous vide cheer, whether you are buying a small Kris Kringle gift or going all out and gifting the whole sous vide kit and caboodle for someone special this Christmas.

Why food gifts are awesome

Food gifts are awesome. Especially if you live with the person you are gifting to. It is indeed the gift that keeps on gifting. Why? Because you are going to enjoy the fruits of that food gift labor! Whether it’s a new mixer, set of knives, new spices or kitchen scales, YOU are going to benefit from the food gifts you give.

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Nothing says I love you (and want you to cook for me…often) like sous vide machines and accessories. Sous vide cooking creates restaurant quality meals in the comfort of your own home.

So by giving a sous vide food gift this Christmas, you are guaranteed to get more food deliciousness in your belly.

The good news is that there are many sous vide immersion circulators, precision cookers, all in one water baths and accessories to choose from. And you don’t have to break the bank to make the sous vider in your life smile.

There are sous vide accessories to choose from, starting at around $10 right through to commercial quality sous vide machines for a few hundred dollars.

Gifts for Chefs

Do you have a culinary enthusiast that you need to buy for? Then buy them some socks! Just kidding. Friends and family members who love all things food, will be ridiculously happy with any kitchen toys, tools or cooking related gifts you give them.

We can assure you that the foodie in your life will appreciate you taking the time to buy them something that reflects their passion and it going to add value to the way they cook in either their commercial or home kitchens.

Just to be clear, socks as a Christmas pressie don’t say, “I understand cooking is your thing”.

Here’s some reasons to buy kitchen related Christmas gifts for chefs:

  • They love playing around with cooking techniques
  • Many love modern technology kitchen toys
  • They value any kitchen toy, tool or accessory that makes their life in the kitchen easier
  • They love cook books that provide inspiration and motivation to try cooking something new
  • An ability to create restaurant quality meals in their own home brings them joy

Now, the best gifts for chefs are likely to be items that compliment what they already have in their kitchen. On the other hand, chefs and passionate home cooks appreciate exploring and experimenting with food.

So if they haven’t been introduced to sous vide cooking yet, buying them a sous vide immersion circulator will peak their interest in a new cooking technique and food preparation adventure.

Why sous vide machines and accessories are a cool gift

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Gifting sous vide toys and gadgets this Christmas allows the professional or home cook in your life to:

  • Cook restaurant quality meals at home
  • Lift their cooking game – culinary types love a new cooking challenge
  • Keep them off their feet whilst still creating exceptional meals
  • Cook with ease – sous vide cooking is super simple when you have the right equipment
  • Try new recipes – there is no end to sous vide cooking inspiration. You can cook meat, vegetables, egg bites, desserts and even cocktail infusions in a sous vide machine. Gotta love that kind of versatility
  • Sit on the couch whilst you cook every now and again – even those who burn toast can cook amazing meals with the sous vide cooking technique

The low down on sous vide gift ideas

There are a few different categories of sous vide products to choose from. Here’s a quick overview of each product type and then a link to our favorites in each category:

Sous vide all in one water baths – this is a fairly large appliance that forms your sous vide water bath. The beauty of this type of machine is that they come fully self contained.

Sous vide immersion circulators and precision cookers – these are smaller appliances that you use in conjunction with your own pot or larger container as the water bath.

Sous vide insulators for large containers – if you use a larger container as your water bath, an insulator for that water bath can help reduce heat loss. Check out the most popular and well regarded insulator currently on the market. It comes in lots of sizes to suit the different sized plastic containers on the market.

Sous vide weights – these can be handy if the food pouches you put in your water bath to stop floating. They are an inexpensive, yet highly effective sous vide accessory.

Sous vide cooking racks – when you cook with more than one food pouch, a stainless steel rack can be put in your water bath to separate them. They are also handy for keeping your food pouches immersed in your water bath.

Sous vide vacuum sealers – sous vide cooking involves putting your ingredients in vacuum sealed or ziploc bags in your water bath. Vacuum sealers ensure there is no air in your food pouch which creates the perfect conditions for even cooking.

Sous vide machine cases and holders – it’s always handy to be able to protect your sous vide immersion circulator or precision cooker between cooks. Protect your asset by using a stand and/or putting it into a protective case between uses.

Sous vide water balls – adding a layer of water balls over the top of your water bath minimises water evaporation and insulates. They are inexpensive but very effective.

Sous vide containers and lids – regularly cooking for a crowd? Many sous viders use large containers (rather than regular kitchen pots). This allows them to cook larger ingredients and/or a lot of it for a large group.

So as you can see, there is a Christmas gift here for everyone – the experienced sous vider and the culinary enthusiast ready for their next cooking challenge.

Sous vide cooking community on socials – help is always just one click away

If you are buying a sous vide gift for someone this Christmas, let them know that there is an enormous sous community active 24/7 on a range of social media platforms. This means that whether they are looking for an answer to a question, want some new hints, tips or recipes, a sous vide enthusiast cooking up a storm around the world, is there at the click of a button.

Oh, and of course, if you need to buy yourself a pressie this Christmas…choose something sous vide. It will change your cooking and your life!

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