Brighto Heavy Weight Air Dry Sous Vide Immersion Circulator Stand

Brighto Sous Vide Stand

If you haven’t discovered sous vide cooking yet, get on board. This cooking technique involves placing ingredients in a vacuum sealed bag, putting the bag in a low temperature water bath, and cooking that food over a long period of time. Sous vide cooking is becoming more and more popular for home cooks immersion circulators are accessible. You can make restaurant quality meals every single time you cook, in the comfort of your own home. Here we review the Brighto sous vide immersion circulator stand a stylish and practical solution for holding your immersion circulator between uses.

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Brighto Heavy Weight Air Dry Sous Vide Immersion Circulator Stand

Yep. That is a mouthful of a product name. But if you enjoy sous vide cooking, you will be saying “why didn’t I think of that” in no time. You see, this sous vide stand is designed to hold your sous vide immersion circulator (also known as a precision cooker) in between uses. It’s a simple, yet elegant solution.

So draw a line through that new sous vide stand invention you’ve been concocting in your mind. Because John (the sous vide stand master mind) has beaten you to it.

The good news is that John is sharing this sous vide stand brainwave with sous viders around the world. Yep. He designed the stand for himself…but then other friends wanted one too. And so, the Brighto sous vide stand came to be. Thanks John!

Brighto Sous Vide stand

Photo credit: Brighto

So without further ado, let’s take a look at this sous vide stand and see what the early reviews reveal.

The sous vide market has been flooded with useful accessories over the last couple of years. Large plastic containers to be used as water baths, sous vide water balls to help insulate your water bath (and stop water evaporation), racks to hold your food pouches in place.

But no company has come up with a sous vide immersion circulator stand…until now. Enter the Brighto sous vide immersion circulator stand. As the name suggests, this nifty stand holds your sous vide immersion circulator in between uses.

Most sous viders currently use their sous vide immersion circulator, then wait for it to dry, THEN transfer it to their kitchen cupboard, drawer or into a sous vide case. Whilst this is not an earth shattering problem (and most definitely a first world problem!), considering a sous vide immersion circulator stand does make sense if you are a regular sous vider.

Who would get the most out of this sous vide immersion circulator stand?

Those of you who use your immersion circulators frequently will find this stand very handy. You can simply reach for your sous vide immersion circulator on your counter top, rather than rummaging in your kitchen cupboard or drawer (yes, we know it can get kind of overcrowded in those spots sometimes…OK most of the time!).

Brighto Sous Vide Stand

Photo credit: Brighto

So, instead of putting your sous vide away after each use, you can simply put it on this stand instead.

As an aside, we know that some of you use a sous vide case, particularly if you travel regularly with your sous vide immersion circulator. The stand is obviously not a replacement for a sous vide case in this circumstance.

What is this sous vide stand made with?

This stand is made in China and crafted from 2.5mm thick stainless steel 304, a premium heavyweight brushed stainless steel. The stand for the Anova, Gramercy and other immersion circulators over a 2.4 inch diameter, weighs almost 2lbs. It is sturdy enough to securely hold tall, top heavy immersion circulators. Brilliant right!

Brighto have a patent pending on their ‘Air Dry’ cantilever design which suspends your immersion circulator, allowing air to flow around so it can naturally dry.

Which sous vide immersion circulators does this stand hold?

Brighto has two versions of sous vide immersion circulator stands. One is designed to hold the Anova Wifi, Anova Bluetooth, Gramercy and any other stick immersion circulator with a 2.4 inch diameter.

Brighto Sous Vide Stand with Anova Gramercy and Monoprice

Photo credit: Brighto showing Anova, Gramercy and Monoprice ICs

Brighto has a second stand designed to hold the Joule by Chefsteps.

What sous viders are saying about the Brighto sous vide stand

This is a relatively new product on the sous vide accessories market. The initial sous vider reviews seem super positive. Sous viders are pleased with the sleek design and the way the stand comfortably holds the immersion circulator in place.

Here’s a quick run down of the pros and cons of the model that holds the Anova, Gramercy and other 2.4 inch diameter immersion circulators:

Brighto Sous Vide Stand – Pros

  • Light weight
  • Small footprint on your counter top
  • Super convenient – grab your sous vide immersion circulator in an instant to get rolling with your sous vide cook
  • Made with quality materials (stainless steel)
  • Strong and sturdy
  • A practical sous vide storage solution AND a conversation piece in your kitchen!!
  • People are loving the integrated plug pin storage

Brighto Sous Vide Stand – Cons

  • If your counter top space is limited you may struggle to find space for this stand (even though it has a small footprint). This shouldn’t stop you using this stand in your kitchen pantry or cupboards though

The Brighto sous vide stand is a very new product to market. That means we cannot comment on long term durability of the stand at this point. But given it is made with stainless steel, we would hope that it stands the test of time (no pun intended!).

We are not aware of any other similar reputable sous vide stand products on the market. This makes it difficult to compare this stand with others.

A VERY important word of warning about this sous vide immersion circulator stand

This stand is ABSOLUTELY NOT designed to be used in your sous vide water bath. Brighto makes this very clear. In fact, they acknowledge that  “accidental knocking over may cause electrocution”. Be very careful to keep your stand away from your water bath at all times.

Tips from sous viders who have already purchased the Brighto Sous Vide Stand

Some sous vide early adopters out there are already using the Brighto Sous Vide Stand in your kitchens, between scrumptious sous vide masterpieces.

Here’s a snapshot of feedback we’ve rounded up from real humans using the stand already:

Tip 1. If you see any water spots on the stainless steel, use vinegar and wipe with the grain of the steel. Your stand will look like new.

Tip 2. Sous viders with the Cooks Essential Immersion Circulator say that the stand fits it perfectly and is perfectly weighted for this immersion circulator.

Tip 3. If you are worried about scratching your counter top, simply get yourself a felt pad to put on the base.

Brighto Stand for the Joule by ChefSteps Immersion Circulator

Brighto has a second stand on the market that suits the Joule by ChefSteps. It holds both white and stainless steel modela. Weighing in at 1lb, this premium stainless steel counter top stand is perfectly weighted and balanced to securely hold your Joule sous vide immersion circulator when not in use. Or as Brighto suggests, “give you a ‘third hand’ to help you when preparing your favorite sous vide dishes”.

Joule in Brighto sous vide stand

Photo credit: Brighto showing Joule by Chefsteps

Obviously given the same materials are used to manufacturer this stand as that which holds the Anova, Gramercy and Monoprice immersion circulators, the benefits of this stand match those listed earlier in this review.

However given there are some slight differences to the stand for the immersion circulators outlined above, here are some pros and cons in relation to the stand specifically designed for the Joule:

Stand suitable for the Chefsteps Joule Stainless (Steel & White) – Pros

  • The holes you put the Joule in have protecting plastic rings that won’t scratch the paint off your Joule.

Stand suitable for the Joule by Chefsteps – Cons

Here are a few very minor concerns from sous viders who have purchased the Brighto stand for their Joule by ChefSteps:

  • As the Joule rests on the back clip when it the stand, this causes the precision cooker to lean forward and not stand straight up in the stand.
  • It’s a small chore to coil up the power cord. When using the outlet hole in the back, it is a little tricky to plug in without hitting the Joule itself. This could lead to scratching if you do not take the plug out first before removing the Joule from the stand.

To see a tip provided by Brighto itself in relation to wrapping the cord of your Joule stand, click here

If you are a visual person, here’s a quick Youtube clip from Sous Vide Everything (one of many brilliant sous vide social media channels) with an unboxing of the Brighto sous vide stand:



So there you have it. This sous vide stand that is most certainly getting the thumbs up from the sous vider community at this stage. We will of course keep you updated on any changes in feedback as time progresses.

It looks as though Brighto has some other sous vide products in the pipeline at the moment as well. So stay tuned for those updates as well.

With Christmas just around the corner, this sous vide stand would be a perfect gift for the sous vide lover in your life – just remember to check which sous vide immersion circulator they have to make sure you purchase the perfect stand for your favorite sous vider.

Have you used the Brighto Sous Vide Stand already? We’d love to hear about your experience in the Comments below. 

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