Best Sous Vide Recipes

Best sous vide recipes

Finding the best sous vide recipes

Sous vide cooking is the bomb. It’s better than…well lots of other cooking styles. It’s a technique where you put your food in vacuum sealer or zip lock bags (called a food pouch), immerse it in a water bath (this is just a container of water – nothing fancy) and cook it at low temperature over a long period of time. What is a long period? Well some sous vide cooks last longer than 24 hours. What comes out the other end is fairly mind blowing. We are talking about making restaurant quality meals in your own kitchen EVERY single time you sous vide. And we can help you find the best sous vide recipes.

If you don’t know much about sous vide cooking perhaps head to our FAQ for some background and then come back to this article to learn where to find the best sous vide recipes around.

Where are the best sous vide recipes?

There are sous vide recipes galore if you know where to look for them. Recipe books are full of sous vide recipe inspiration. So is the web. Luckily one of our favorite things to do is to find the best sous vide recipes out there. Here at Sous Vide Hub we have curated a HUGE range of sous vide recipes. There is a sous vide recipe for almost every food you can think of. Entrees, mains, desserts, cocktails, proteins, vegetables, sauces and pickles. The list goes on…and on…and on.


We have scoured all sorts of online nooks and crannies to bring you the best sous vide recipes. That means you can spend your time deciding which sous vide dish you will cook next, rather than getting lost in a sea of websites looking for sous vide recipe inspiration.

WiFi Bluetooth sous vide

One of the most popular foods to cook sous vide is steaks. Sous vide steaks are beyond awesome. Anyone who has cooked a sous vide steak or eaten a sous vide steak knows that they blow your mind. They are super juicy and embarrassingly easy to make which is a bit of a surprise for many novice sous vide home cooks and chefs. Here are just a few sous vide mouth watering examples.

All steaks aside though, don’t ignore the trillion other things (OK, this is a slight exaggeration) that you can cook sous vide. You will not be disappointed. Step outside your comfort zone a little and get on board the sous vide cooking revolution. Whilst it may seem a little intimidating to start, we promise you will love sous vide cooking once you give it a try.

Sous vide recipe websites you need to explore

Sous vide cooking has created such a buzz that there are now websites with dedicated sous vide categories. As we have mentioned above, we have rounded up the cream of the sous vide recipe crop. But there are some other websites that you should have by your side in the kitchen. You will see a full list of the best sous vide recipe websites on our Resources page. Here are our top picks:


Anova Culinary

Sous Vide Guy

SousVide Supreme

Sous Vide Tools

Great British Chefs

Sous vide recipes for food intolerances and specific lifestyle diets

We know what it can be like to feel cheated when you cannot enjoy a specific meal because the recipe contains gluten, eggs, nuts or a range of other ingredients you may have an intolerance to. Well, no more bland and unappealing meals for you. That’s because there are delicious sous vide recipes to satisfy any type of diet or intolerance.  Here we round up some top sous vide recipes for a range of food intolerances:

The best sous vide recipes for gluten free diets


Delicious sous vide recipes for those following a ketogenic and low carbohydrate diet

Check out our recent ketogenic article 5 delicious keto recipes you won’t want to miss

Egg free sous vide dessert recipes that you will scramble over your family to cook

One delicious meal course leaves many non egg eating feeling cheated. Dessert. Whilst others at your dinner table are eating decadent desserts, you are often looking glumly at a plate of…fruit…or jelly…or something worse. Well check out these dessert game changers for those of you who cannot tolerate egg:

Poached Rhubarb with orange and cranberry

Best sous vide recipes

Many sous vide cookbooks are created by talented sous viders. This means the recipes they feature are tried and proven by the authors themselves.  This makes them a reliable source for some of the best sous vide recipes around.

For more detailed information about sous vide cookbooks, check out our articles, 5 of the most popular sous vide recipe books and Finding the best sous vide recipes Finding the best sous vide recipes

How do I turn the best sous vide recipes into the best meals you have ever cooked?

You are going to have to trust us on this one. You WILL turn the best sous vide recipes into some of the best meals you have ever pulled together. Why? Because once you have a sous vide immersion circulator or water oven and some food bags, you are ready to roll. Sure, there are other sous vide products out there that can compliment your cook, but in the first instance this is all you need to start making amazing meals for yourself, your family and your friends.

The secret to building your cooking confidence with sous vide cooking? Just start somewhere. Obviously it is best to make your first sous vide cook a fairly straight forward one. We wouldn’t recommend biting off more than you can chew (yep, a cooking pun – sometimes you just have to do it!) so perhaps steer away from any sous vide recipes recommended for experienced sous viders. But apart from that, buy some food, put it in a food bag, set your water bath temperature and let your sous vide machine of choice make you look like a superstar in your own kitchen.


The easiest way to get into sous vide cooking is to get a kitchen gadget called a sous vide immersion circulator (and sometimes called a precision cooker). You can use your own pots at home to create the water bath required to cook your food. Head to our Products page to see some of the best sous vide immersion circulators available.

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Further Reading and Resources

Check out the 5 most popular sous vide cook books 

Head to our Resources page for information about the most popular sous vide products, the best sous vide websites, apps, You Tube channels, online sous vide cooking forums and much more.


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