Best Gluten Free Sous Vide Recipes

Sous Vide Gluten Free Recipes

Do you have coeliac disease and lead a gluten free lifestyle? Then sous vide cooking is for you. Yep. Even for those of you who have coealiac disease. We’ve pulled together 8 delicious gluten free sous vide recipes for every coeliac to enjoy.

In this article we give you 8 delicious gluten free sous vide recipes that will leave you begging for more. So tuck in. Nothing better than eating the same delicious food as the rest of your family and friends. The sensational tastes of sous vide cooking are for everyone.

Coeliac disease affects people of all ages, both male and female. There is no cure for coeliac disease. People remain sensitive to gluten throughout their life. Luckily a strict gluten free diet allows the condition to be managed effectively. As long as the gluten free diet is strictly adhered to, those with coeliac disease can live symptom free.

How sous vide cooking support those with coealiac disease

There is a lot to love about sous vide cooking if you are following a gluten free lifestyle or live with coeliac disease. Sous vide meals are delicious, succulent and easy to prepare. You can cook a range of foods including meats, fish and other seafood, eggs (eg. egg bites), and even fruits, whole desserts and sauces.

For those of you not familiar with sous vide cooking, it involves placing vacuum sealed bags of food (called food pouches) under water at a low temperature over a long period of time. To learn more about sous vide cooking we encourage you to check out our FAQ and our Resources pages.

Sous vide cooking is super easy and requires very little time in the kitchen. Once you put your food pouches in your sous vide water bath, the rest of the work is done for you. So, at the end of your sous vide cook, all you need to do is pan sear and voila – your meal is ready.

Many sous vide recipes are nutritious and delicious for those with coaeliac disease

We’ve rounded up 8 delicious gluten free sous vide recipes (with sweet and savory recipe options) for everyone living with coeliac disease or following a gluten free lifestyle.

These super tasty recipes are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to sous vide recipes that are well suited to coeliacs. There are many more. Check out our curated list of over 200 delicious sous vide recipes here for more inspiration.

Sibo Friendly Sous Vide Egg Bites from Cultivated Wellbeing

Sous Vide Gluten Free Egg Bites

Photo Credit: Cultivated Wellbeing Gluten Free Sous Vide Egg Bites

Gluten Free Sous Vide Pork Belly from Urban Cave Woman

Gluten Free Pork Belly by Urban Cavewoman

Photo credit: Urban Cavewoman Gluten Free Sous Vide Pork Belly

Sous Vide Duck Confit from Serious Eats 

Gluten Free Duck Confit from Serious Eats

Sous Vide Pork Tenderloin from Spoonacular

Gluten Free Pork Tenderloin from Nom Nom Paleo

Image credit: Spoonacular for Nom Nom Paleo

Gluten- free Whole30 Avacado Toast with Poached Egg from Savoring the Good

Gluten Free Sous Vide Eggs Savoring the Good

Photo Credit: Savoring the Good Recipe: Gluten Free Poached Eggs on Whole30 Toast

What about gluten free sous vide desserts? We’ve got you covered there too

Did someone say dessert. Unfortunately dessert decisions for those with coeliac disease is often limited. Loads of desserts contain flour which of course is a no go zone for coeliacs on a gluten free diet.

Don’t worry. We have your back.  Here are some delicious dessert for EVERYONE to savour at the dinner table.

Sous Vide Gluten-Free Mason Jar Cheesecakes from Forkly

Gluten Free Sous Vide Mason Jar Strawberry Cheesecake

Photo credit: Forkly

Gluten Free Flourless Chocolate Cake from Anova Culinary

Gluten Free Sous Vide Flourless Chocolate Cake

Photo Credit: Anova Culinary

Gluten Free Flourless Carrot Cake from ChefSteps

Gluten Free Sous Vide Carrot Cake

Photo credit: Gluten Free Sous Vide Carrot Cake


So there you have it. Gluten free sous vide goodness for all. There is something really special about spending time with family and friends around the dinner table. And there is a lot to be said for the shared experience of delicious food. Living with coeliac disease can’t be easy.

Feeling restricted for food choices at cafes, restaurants and the homes of family and friends is a regular proposition for coeliacs. It’s a pleasure to be able to showcase delicious sous vide gluten free recipes that everyone can enjoy together.

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